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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Fashion Designer Ping He discusses China Fashion week which kicks off today in Beijing and what she’s watching out for. She speaks with Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Mercedes-benz china fashion week starts today.

They will be wanting to see what the chinese designers and consumers are interested in and someone who knows better than anyone is london-based chinese fashion designer joining us today for in the know.

Thank you for joining us today.

You just had your latest show at the london fashion week.

We have some footage.

How was it?

Really exciting.

I always enjoy the show in london.

How does london compared to some of the other major shows, paris, milan, other big fashion shows?

It is always exciting and full of created buzz.

People are looking forward to seeing young and exciting designers so that is what's different.

It is a very good international stage here, a show cass -- a showcase for great creativity.

Kicking off today in beijing, give us an idea of how big it is.

We were talking about london and paris.

How does this compare in size and in stature?

My first show, i was in the china fashion week back in 2012. compared to london, paris, milan, there's a lot more ground because a lot more people are interested in fashion week.

It's not just open to the professional but open to the public for some of the shows.

It's quite groundbreaking in a way.

It focuses on nationwide big brands as well.

And some of the brands of are looking at, one in particular, tell us about this brand and why you will be keeping a night on that during fashion week in china?

It is one of the biggest lingerie brands in china and they actually are trying to break through each year into different groups.

As a designer myself and also a consumer, i like to see what they do each year.

It is the chinese answer to victoria's secret?

You can say that.

They try to keep it a bit more sophisticated, quiet and a way.

They put a little of china culturally and the brand.

It is interesting to see the chinese culture and lingerie.

Something else you will be watching out for, the chinese dream team, a joint presentation by multiple designers.

What's this about?

This is more from my point of view.

As a chinese designer growing up in london, i always like to look at who is doing what compared to what we are doing here.

Each year, they develop a business from the fabric and that is why i like to see it because they group them together.

We have a great chart here showing how well some of europe's luxury brands have done in asia from 2009-2012. this chart here shows the percentage of growing sales for christians your, product, burberry, -- christian dior, prada, burberry, hermes, ferragamo.

Why are they so popular?

They're crazy about heritage around the older brands.

The older brands you see like product, burberry, -- prada, bu rberry, they show the history behind the brand and that is where it really draws the chinese customers attention.

What is the big tip?

Give us a big tip to succeed in china, making it big if you are a luxury label.

One of the important things is to understand the market and the consumer.

They do not just focus on style but also extremely focused on quality.

The fabric, and how they're made up, that is really important.

Understand the figure ran the chinese of the chinese customer.

They are a bit more petite and the way it enhances the body is slightly different because of the culture, the oriental culture.

And the third one is probably geographic.

China is such a big country.

Each geographic area of the country, they focus on different cultures, colors, shapes that they like.

All of the brand that wants going to the chinese market, you can understand that would be great.

Are you allowed to say which brand, besides your own, do you think is getting china the best, understands the chinese market the best?

At the moment, coach has been doing quite well.

They focus on accessories.

Accessories are different than clothing.

Great quality, the commercial approachable prize and the way that the marketing has been doing.

They are doing very well.

If you are doing a garment, then you have to consider a lot more in terms of color, sizing, etc.. what are your ambitions?

What's next?

You have your own label.

It's obviously doing well.

Have big deal wanted to get?

It's a different generation now.

We're in the new generation of international designer labels.

I wished in a few years time i could create a new generation, a new powerhouse but that is still down the line but i'm looking forward to it.

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