How to Invest in Regions of Conflict

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- OurCrowd Founder and CEO Jon Medved discusses his investment ideas in areas of conflict on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies based in jerusalem and has brought many companies to the nasdaq.

You are a berkeley graduate.

I want you to weigh in first on the political uncertainty.

With ongoing tensions, how do these companies start up?

How do you continue business?

Israel is an oasis of stability.

You look up the road in syria and there have been 100 50,000 people murdered over the last couple of years, 7 million refugees.

It is insane.

In israel, the economy is booming, typically four percent.

We have a startup economy, last year was $2.2 billion invested in israeli startups.

There were $6.7 billion of exits.

$5 billion exits over the last 14 months.

Companies went public just doubled last week on its offering, now i billion dollar company.

Companies bought by google.

It continues to be very bullish.

We live in a tool world, with x essential risk.

We have issues with the palestinians and the iranians, but on the other hand, we have a partnership and a friendship with america, in particular with the innovation sector.

It turns out silicon valley and tech titans are relying increasingly on israeli technology.

Do you find because there is the risk that always hangs over, israel in one way or another, and i enter stand what you're saying about an oasis of stability, that that is a reason why you see more startups and morons but nor is?


The reality is, the risk of starting a company and losing money for an investor, a big deal.

I am not being cavalier.

The reality is we live with x essential risk.

Life is short.

If you are not taking risk in the innovation business, you're not in it.

We live in a risky competent -- country and we innovate.

People believe the possible can be made possible.

Merrick was happening our own lives.

The startups happening in israel are changing the world.

What is hot right now?

That is being brought here to the u.s.? medical devices.

Companies actually creating glasses the blind see.

We have a company, surgical theater, which lets surgeons practice brain surgery.

To solve the problem of diagnosis for malaria.

How will that compete with startups in the u.s.? they cooperate or they get bought.

What happens is israel innovates and then last year, 80 different

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