How to Invest in Conscious Capitalism

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Satori Capital Portfolio Manager Darsh Singh discusses his investment ideas with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Conscious capitalism investment strategy, what is it?

It is a game of information overcharge.

That is what investing is about.

When we use this approach, with a qualitative information.

It is not quantifiable.

Business is about creating value the fact that we can create value for all stakeholders is giving us more profit in the long run.

Where are you looking?

We have private operating businesses across a spectrum of alternatives.

We are looking for folks who run their businesses with all of their staples in mind rather than just focusing on themselves.

What is the difference between conscious capitalism and socially responsible investing?

This is the sort of big lies.

The big lie is that doing good comes at the expense or separate from taking money.

Conscious capitalism is, when you do good, you make more money in the long run.

Look at southwest airlines versus american airlines.

Whole foods is another one.

You can also think about costco.

All of these are companies that focus on stakeholders and have built a brand and have generated more money because of it.

You mention money, because i guess we do have to focus on capitalism.

Are people surprised that they are able to make a profit by doing this?

It is funny, because when i share the concept with my dad, he always laughed.

He's from texas and says, that's just good business.

We are giving more vocabulary to these things.

If we focus on the deep qualitative side, and we can make more money by making better decisions.

Anything surprise you when you started this venture?

Pre-k's i think the response of positivity.

People are looking for something that is much stakeholder friendly -- i think the response of positivity.

People are looking for something that is much more stakeholder friendly.

People have come to you and succumb i wanted to invest my money, but i wanted to feel good about it.

-- have come to you and said, i wanted to invest my money, but i wanted to feel good about it.

Building wealth is about, in america, building companies is a how you build well.

How does conscious capitalism measure up in terms of performance, though?

Like i said, we have examples in costco, whole foods.

I have a book called "terms of endearment" and it goes through all of the examples.

Over the long-term, you make more money.

That is where the focus on short-term, shareholder, sort of profit driven is a flawed model.

You need to focus on generating long-term value.

That is how we help this country.

Does that sustainability entice you?


It is a deep value for me -- for me.

Think about the generations behind you and the generations ahead of you.

That is what resonates with me.

What about some of the companies that embrace conscious capitalism?

Who are they?

How are they doing?

I think they are doing well.

We just had the ipo of the container store.

You saw a big pop on the first day of will stop they put a premium on conscious capitalism.

A lot of privately owned businesses are doing very well.

It is a credit to the management team and the leaders of those firms, of all of our partners.

When you are making a presentation about this concept, what is your selling point?

What are you telling people?

The main thing to think about is this short term focus.

Everybody is trying to fight for the piece of the pie.

Let's work together and make this pie bigger.

That is what this is all about.

When we can create value in that manner, everybody benefits.

It is a sustainable value creation over the long run.

Interesting, because you know the conversation in washington -- and we heard this yesterday during janet yellen's confirmation hearing about income inequality, it seems now that this pie will be big enough for everybody to benefit.

That is the systemic problem we have.

I think capitalism is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

But when it is short-term focused and focus on profit, it may not be the greatest force.

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