How to Guide Young Women to Excel in Math, Science

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Adriane Brown, president and COO at Intellectual Ventures, explores the decrease of females in the tech industry and how to foster a desire in girls from a young age to excel in math and science. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Industry when it comes to women in jobs at the higher levels?

I have worked in many nontraditional fields throughout my career.

Without having those mentors and place or a company being really active in focusing, it does not get the kind of growth and opportunity i think girls and women really want to have.

I think it's darts with education.

It starts in junior high school and hard school where earl sometimes are led to believe they cannot he as good in math and science.

Is that complete fiction?

It is complete fiction but it has not gone away.

There is something called stereotyped threats.

For some reason, they have in their heads, they hear and see things that suggest this to be true and the best thing we can do to thwart stereotyped threats is to tell girls about this.

Can something like harvard business school change the discussion?

I love what harvard did because they stepped up and asked systemically what we might be doing that is causing this effect.

They said let's start doing cold calls in the classroom incentive i didn't find the person -- instead of calling on the person that raises their hand.

You open it up for everyone to have a voice my classroom.

I know a young girl who went to duke engineering with the stereotypes and she went through dartmouth engineering and had five major job offers.

How do you mentor this in seventh grade in a tough school in richmond, virginia where the teachers are not aware of how hard this is?

Fortunately, i grew up with parents that said i could do anything.

It helps but where that does not exist, i fixed important that we don't just hope the teachers will come to that conclusion.

We need to put systems in schools that we use the parents and the community and mentors to have an influence.

I enjoy going to schools and talking to girls about what it's like to be in business and have a career.

It is amazing how that sparks possibilities for them.

Do you see any country or company doing it right?

I have worked for two fantastic companies before coming to intellectual ventures.

Being president of a company in a nontraditional role is a perfect example.

I have had a great history of working for fantastic companies that care about diversity and put their efforts where their mouth is.

How do you respond to a conservative stereotype that says girls can't do this, linear algebra or calculus?

I say malarkey.

That's crazy.

Quacks it's the stuff that happens after college graduation.

I would go back to sixth and seventh grade.

I witnessed it with my kids.

Not anymore.

Maybe back in the day.

I side with you, tom, i have a daughter in high school and i can tell you that some of that still exists but we still have to be -- keep pushing against it.

Thank you so much.

Adr ienne brown on patents and education.

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