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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Insight & Action,” Bloomberg Television's "Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson looks at the performance of the energy sector. (Source: Bloomberg)

Areas where investors can look for opportunities.

Time for insight in action.

Here is why we are focused on energy.

Real simple.

Energy was the biggest upside surprise sector of all the sectors in the s&p 500. in the first quarter, we found on average that energy companies beat the forecast by about 9.5%. best sector in the s&p 500. good news.

It may continue.

If you look at the earnings growth forecast, we find that earnings are expected to grow the most by any sector in 2014, the full year, in other words, about 19.7%. 2015 it drops a little.

At the point is, that is consistent growth.

Number one in fastest-growing in 2014 and number two in 2015. those are reasons to stay involved.

You could go out and buy an atf in oil or you could do a little better.

You could find the fastest grower.

Look for earnings of 20% and no sell recommendations.

We found 10 that are leading.

Anadarko, fmc, marathon, phillips, valero, tesoro.

As always, they're on twitter at a.j. insight.

Earnings growth at least 20% and not a single cell rating.

Energize your portfolio.

Thanks, adam.

A lot of people have been trying

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