How to Drive Engagement and Loyalty Within Apps

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Session M Co-Founder and CEO Lars Albright discusses mobile advertising and the app economy. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Between what you are doing and lane vanilla mobile advertising.

What we are doing starts with driving engagement and loyalty with apps, which is a problem.

Lex say that one more time.

Adding people to use your abs everyday is a big issue.

Engagement and loyalty.

If you think of a storefront analogy, people are windowshopping but not actually going into the store to engage with merchandise.

Windowshopping in mobile is downloading a nap and checking it out one day and then never looking at it again.

Might it not be because the apps suck?

You have to have a good up to start first and foremost.

But from there how there are things you can do to encourage and reward and provide value to users.

Think american express and how you get rewarded for using the card.

We do similar things across the network of applications.

There are millions of apps right now and often there are choices for the consumer, and we make it so someone is more likely to choose that supports apple or entertainment have because they're getting real value.

On the value side, we provide them with mobile point they can use and amplify the points on that.

They can get things like gift cards on the donations and sweepstakes.

Vouchers, coupons, people get rewarded for engaging.

It is all opt in and integrated within the product, so it's not just a banner.

When somebody actually buys something in the store, we provide a service for free.

We take a share from the brand dollars will stop your interests are aligned.

You're not playing a fat -- a flat fee just for providing the service.

It's really in their interest to drive that traffic every day.

I have not been experienced in anything like this.

Let's say there's an app and i'm not using it enough.

He hires your firm and what do i see?

You see a program introduced from the app.

It's powered by session m and you can go in and learn how you can get rewarded simply for engaging.

If i want to use a nap, i want to use a nap.

I don't want to interact with anything before i get to the app.

You download it and start experiencing it and then you get the invitation to opt into the rewards program.

It is all your choice will stop i don't opt in for anything.

When i get a sponsored tweets, i block it.

Who is your demographic?

We are expanding the population whose interested in this experience.

Often it's an accidental click.

Between 30% and 50% of the population will opt into this program.

If the engagement level with ads is so low, how on earth this facebook making this much money?

That is the question.

This is more about first party relationships.

Having a registered user so you can target the ad effectively, we do that as well.

We are approaching 10 million registered users and that's an important part as opposed to just say we are going to use scale and push it out.

Who are you competing with?

We compete with a variety of players.

We look at facebook, twitter, and things like that.

People doing things in the ad space that is novel.

We feel we are at the forefront of that.

It's good to have you here.

I might start to opt in after

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