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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Christie's Head of Modern and Impressionist Art Brooke Lampley discusses upcoming works up for auction with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chevron earnings.

Thanks very much, olivia sterns.

According to our next guest, art dealers want to buy masterpieces from the collection of well- known masters.

Works by picasso.

I am joined by brooke lampley, the head of impressionist and modern art.

You have a whole new family and a whole new bunch of stuff to auction off.

Tell us about some of the picassos.

These are some of the highlights from the sale next week on the fourth.

This is a wonderful drawing from 1928 from a series that picasso was doing.

He was inspired by his new lover who was his secret romance.

He was going away for the summer and could not be with her all the time, but he wanted to represent her voluptuous form all the time.

He was one of the most famous and important dealers of picasso in the entire world.

Explained about who he was and how he got to be a collector of $170 million worth of art.

That is just part of it.

He was a collector himself, but also had a function of being one of the most important art dealers of the 20th century.

He was known for having an incredibly impressive guy.

There are wonderful drawings in our sale.

Great modernist pieces.

He is particularly known for being a fan of work on paper.

He and his wife assembled an expansive collection across categories.

We are privileged to offer a good array of these works in our sale next week.

This is a fantastic piece to talk about.

This is a found object that picasso executed in 1941. he started working with some found objects and in this case found a piece of charred wood that already resembled a cigar, and put the finishing touches on it with some paint.

This piece belonged to his next lover, and she had a drawer of trinkets that were made objects of his.

The dealer would always smile, holding a cigar in his hand.

This is estimated at $200,000-$300,000. what about an actual picasso drawing?

This is $1 million to 1.5 million dollars.

What kind of people do you expect?

Will they be new collectors, or people adding to their current collection?

I think we will have a range.

They are wonderful works at every price point.

We really hope it will attract everyone from people walking in off the street to those who are educated and informed and are waiting for some of the objects in this collection.

People can come whether they like to bid or not.

It is open to the public, friday, saturday, sunday, all day.

And it's also online.

You can also go to the christie 's website.

We have lots of multimedia materials.

We discussed some of the works in greater detail, and a lot

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