How to Buy Your Christmas Tree... With Bitcoin

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on how to make purchases with bitcoin. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Three feet.

That is not three feet -- it is not a chair out -- charlie brown tree, but how much was it?

The tree was $40, the stand was tense i told henry,0.08 bitcoins.

The funny thing about henry -- and they had the christmas tree corner 26 years in a row -- he takes bitcoin directly.

Most merchants take bitcoin for stuff, they don't ever see a bitcoin.

If you buy a tesla or lamborghini, the dealer sees dollars because a third party that steps in to help the transaction goes smoothly.

Henry romp hang -- takes untold bitcoin and keeps it.

He is a bitcoin enthusiast but did he give a picture -- how many others are buying the trees with bitcoin?

I was the fourth person this year to buy a tree from henry using bitcoin.

And you heard him say last year nobody had heard of it -- did you get a discount?

No, actually.

He knew we were a big television operation.

You should have gotten a discount for days before christmas.

I wonder what it does for him?

Is it because he thinks it is an investment and he wants to accumulate them so he can hold them?

Two things.

Number one, he thinks of it as an investment.

He has been doing bitcoin for a few years.

Last year he got 35 bitcoin.

I don't know what else he is selling.

The other thing is -- and he wanted to remain fairly conservative about this, but he has issues with the federal reserve on principle.

This guy conservative -- charging 500 bucks for a tree?

Supposed to trust debasing currency like it is their job -- undeniably.

A political statement in part from him.

I think he just does not trust the central bank.

He thinks they are robbing everyone through inflation.

Henry made a great point to me -- so many people think bitcoin is just for buying drugs and getting hitmen -- beers and pizza -- i wanted to point out on my last day of bitcoin -- so many pointed out that there is a great charity that is able to feed thousands of homeless people a week.

Victoria's secret takes bitcoin.

There you go.

You should head over there.

Michael, we need to get to a data check.

I don't have a bitcoin quote for the day yet, but we do have the marketing little but lower as we had to the open.

This is "bloomberg surveillance" on bloomberg television, radio, streaming on your tablet and smartphone and

I'm scarlet fu.

We have michael mckee and stephanie ruhle with me and tom keene is off for the week.

Our guest host, david kirkpatrick, bloomberg contributing editor.

Airlines ringing in the new year with more fees and less legroom.

Virgin atlantic charging passengers to preselect a seat and united doubling the fees on oversize bags and spirit increasing bag fees, on top of the $880 million baggage charges and $735 million ticket change excesses they collect the last quarter.

What you are squished -- to think about when you are squished up against your seatmate because between seats are down about a 10th sense the 1990's. helaine becker joins us,

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