How to Become the World's #1 Mobile Gamer

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- KIIP founder and CEO Brian Wong and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson discuss competitive gaming with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

My next guest will show us the global appeal of technology that has come along way since the days of the game boys.

Gaming connects millions of individuals through mobile devices and in november, the world's top gamer is going to be crowned by the guinness book of world records.

For more, i am joined by brian wong of kiip.

It rewards gamers for their accomplishments.

And joining us from san francisco, bloomberg editor-at- large cory johnson.

What is a kiip storm?

We are using our technology to crown four record holders and it will run across four games.

Seven by seven and lane splitter.

We want to pick the top guys and crown this world record holder.

You said top guys.

This could be women.

Will you be playing any of these games, do you even know what about these games?

One of the interesting things that is going on is when you define games broadly, you have online games, videogames, "words with friends", whatever.

And an enormous amount of people playing these games.

People are playing games on a regular basis of some form and the numbers are incredible.

What i find interesting is the do not penetrate the culture is much as smaller businesses like the movies.

What do you mean they do not penetrate the culture?

Is casual and the perception of gaming that is happening on your mobile phone and a console game.

They have a big organization like major gaming that help you and have their own -- you travel all around the world and what do you see people doing when they have any downtime, they're playing a game on a mobile.

Whether it is the candy cre¿che game or -- how did you determine which games to select in order to create this contest?

We had -- wanted games that people would lay, racing and the casual puzzle.

We wanted to spread across as many of these games as we could.

And leverage our technology to see what the top gamers would be.

We wanted to play our part in kicking off the move that we hope will make a mobile gaming olympics.

Can you tell us the dates because i know there are different games set off with different dates on the calendar.

How can people get involved?

The first opportunity as this weekend create we are writing this, you can go to kiip .com/mgc, and you will see the games that we will be running.

The idea that you can get prizes for this kind of thing, is this going to be more than a marketing idea, it is -- isn't the kind of thing that will be embedded?

You play against other people and get prizes.

This whole business -- super cell has a game called clash of the clans that is crushing it.

It is a free game to get better levels or have more tools, you pay and sometimes you pay a lot and that is why they are raking in this money.

That one game could do $900 million a year in revenue can show you how big this is this is -- this business is.

This could be a dominant industry and it is one of the ways that in terms of social media with facebook and it is one of the first races people have a willingness to spend money in this arena.

Do you have a favorite game?

I do.

Cut the rope.

I love cut the rope.

It is awesome.

They seem to love that and i am with them.

What is the goal for how many people you want to play?

In this competition?

We have engaged a few hundred thousand people for the first weekend.

Every weekend we will see a bunch of these people and by the and i hope we have close to millions eventually participate so this is a global event.

This weekend there will be rewards from the samsung galaxy

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