You Can Be in the New Star Wars Film..for Only $10!

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May 23 (Bloomberg) –- Today’s “BWest Byte" is $10, for the potential cost to get a role in the new Star Wars film. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You might like this one.

10, as in $10, as in the potential cost to get into the new star wars film.

Let me explain.

There's a contest taking place, disney, lucasfilm, and jj abrams -- they are trying to raise the number -- some money for unicef.

Additionally, they are inviting people to contribute $10, and with that $10, you can get invited to set potentially, and potentially be in the new film.

I figured, if we kicked in 30 bucks between you, me, and emily -- who knows what could potentially happen with the new star wars film?


While -- wow.

We could see a little cory just cut -- chest.

Does this mean i'll know what chewbacca is saying?

Emily has always wanted me to be sealed in carbonite, they could happen there.

That's why they're doing this.

How wonderful of them to do this, to give back will they're making this movie.

It will be so much hype, they might as well bring some cash for charity too.

Thanks for the disturbing image.

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