How to Be a Million-Dollar Travel Blogger

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Travel Trifecta CEO Lee Abbamonte discusses the business of travel blogging. He speaks on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Basically a group of three travel blogger's highly successful and come from different angles.

We basically package ourselves to companies, destinations, travel apps and everything to do with travel.

Basically a 341. we charge a monthly retainer or contract work and basically travel companies and pay for services.

What do you do echo what do you actually do?

You go and review the location?

Hotel, experience?

What we do is customizable programs.

Basically a multimedia platform.

We do logs, social media, public speaking events.

Basically whatever the client is looking for.

Television, radio.

It could be basically anything.

We talked to the client and find out what they're looking for an customize the campaign and program based on their needs.

We work with tourism australia.

We work with and after and a bunch of other destinations.

We've basically listen to what they are looking for and design a campaign around that.

We might visit each thing as a destination or we will review an app or treat it or facebook is.

We do everything honestly based on our own experience.

We do not guarantee opinions.

We do guarantee deliverables.

If they ask you to put together a site and turns out what you are finding it's not great, you will tell people it was not great?

100% because it is the reputations on the line.

Travel blogging is such a cutthroat world because there is so many.

That was basically the whole impetus of the travel trifecta.

Comparing the cost versus advertising and a travel magazine?

That is basically where it hatched from.

If you will take a full-page ad, it will cost you $100,000 for one advertisement, one month and a lot of times people just throw it out.

My idea was basically prolong that over 3, 6, 9 and 12 month time for the same amount of dollars but keeping it in front of people's eyes for a long time.

We can go traveling with you,

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