How the Weather Has Impacted Retail Sales

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) –- The Retail Tracker Managing Partner Mark Friedman and Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman discuss how the winter weather has affected retail sales in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

When it is, that can only be good news for the retailers.

I agree.

There is pent-up demand out there.

We saw a little bit of this this weekend when retailers rants a big sales.

40% off the entire store, for example, at express.

When you have the weather start to warm up, is it going to be enough to clear the inventory that we have seen piling up during the holiday season when sales were not as strong and in january when people were stuck at home?

Certainly january cold was not great.

Because of the so-called commented help drive most of the weather products from the holiday season.

Now the key is that the retailers depend on february to get a read on early spring trends when business takes off.

That has been a tough to get a read on given the weather.

Despite the weather, we have more fundamental issues at stake here in terms of why holidays and spending has been weaker.

Do we see that improving at all?

That is still going to be a bit of a challenge.

Certainly from the ability to shop online.

It makes it more difficult.

It is target focused shopping instead of browsing in the stores.

That helps people build their basket.

Are there any areas of strength that you see going into the reporting season for some of the retailers?

We still like ross stores.

They don't have the same focus.

We think that stock is attractive here.

You continue to think that they can take advantage of some of the challenges.

What about the big discounting?

Is there anybody that has held the line on price?

A handful of retailers.

Anthropology and free people.

It is tough when you get outside of certain sectors.

Are people just used to promotion now and that is it?

It is going to be something that you will see on and on in the future.

Good for shoppers.

Not so good for those retailers.

Mark freeman of the retail

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