How the Pentagon Plans to Downsize the U.S. Army

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports on budget limitations and U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s plans to reduce the size of the Army on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Force jets.

You could joins us from washington dc.

I can understand how the republicans are respond how about democrats question mark members of congress we scrutinizing this defense budget that chuck hagel will unveil at the pentagon.

They will make some changes to it because they see risk going forward in terms of national security.

The reality is that the budget deal that congress signed off on between paul ryan and patty murray, it sets a topline number.

Chuck hagel knows that unless they make changes now to things like benefit package for active duty personnel, it will start to consume a vast majority of the budget.

This is just reality going forward.

Is this about manpower and headcount?

Or is it about the a-10 fighter?

They may both be outdated.

You can have the same troop level you had over the last 10 years.

We will not be at war in afghanistan and iraq.

You know me his many active-duty troops.

The warthog has been a staple within the u.s. military in the air force, according to the our times, it is on the chopping block today as well as the u-2 spy plane.

There try to be more agile and future looking.

There try to be more noble as well.

This just doesn't cost as much.

If some of the old craft are out, how about new ones like the f 35? is passed most of his recent tests.

There have been some problems with the marine version.

It they are working to restore those, to fix those.

It is the future.

You will see a commitment to keep going with the f 35. may the total number ordered will come down.

It looks pretty safe.

Figure so much, peter cook, our chief washington correspondent.

Is a 42-year-old plane.

You're talking about technology from the 1910. during world war ii.

And note any these aircraft.

Is a guy thing.

Lex let's get to -- there's not a lot of economic data coming out.

There is a dallas said manufacturing report.

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