Driving Force Behind the NCAA Final Four? UPS

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Carol Massar reports on the growing UPS logistics business. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On this and their role.

Ups has a big role.

You know them for their brown trucks, they also have a growing logistics business.

For something like the ncaa, they handle a lot more than just packages.

Two weeks ago, this was a football stadium.

16,000 feet, 63 truck routes full, and 10,000 square feet of floor, waiting 33 times.

Making its way to the at&t stadium outside dallas for the ncaa final four via ups.

Anything not nailed down to the stadium has been delivered by ups.

Ups has been working with ncaa since 2010. delivering its floor.

Salt lake city-based connor sport makes the court.

Logistically, we have entrusted our baby to them totally.

As ncaa's official logistics provider.

Ups is responsible for the four, balls, and hoops.

Logistics means ups is more of a coordinator, not a delivery service.

I can include warehousing and inventory management.

Ups is ramping up services for companies like mastnascar and live nation.

Will there be a day when logistics is important as packages?

We think so.

It is very important.

It could be 50-50? it could be, or greater.

A reminder that the bulk of ups's business is package delivery.

It is a reminder that logistics supply chain management is a priority at the company.

Is not just sports and entertainment.

No, in fact i was at their help in louisain -- at their hub in louisville, kentucky.

They handle warehousing and distribution and transportation for merck's medications globally.

And a bunch of other pharma companies as well.

If you buy a phone with sprint as your carrier, it is likely that some got shipped from there hub in louisville.

They do 17 million packages every day.

The logistics and supply chain management is important.

And growing.

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