How the IPO Hype Could Benefit Twitter

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm NewMedia, discusses the hype around Twitter's IPO with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of airtouch.

At the time it was the largest tech ipo ever.


What is the effect on a consumer facing business of and ipo?

The impact of successful pr is like a home run.

It's like winning the lottery, from a cmo's point of view.

There are amazing benefits.

There are people who quantify what the advertising value is.

I would not be surprised if the number was in the hundreds of millions.

Hundreds of millions dollars' worth?

In fact, there is something money cannot buy.

Real or perceived, as there is the optics of third-party impartiality.

That is huge.

Advertising typically has a steep decline over time.

There is a big impact, then it's gone.

Why pr lives especially in the world of search and with ongoing marketing, you can leverage pr for a long time.

It's priceless.

When you look at this, is it the kind of targeted pr you can get?

Fundamentally, i don't think twitter is trying to get followers to follow the stock market.

They're trying to get a retail person who is not that sort of techno-geek dot financial person.

With advertising, you can get awareness.

One can argue, what further awareness does twitter need?

Pr gets you something more, and that his credibility.

People who have not tried twitter for one reason or another, it makes him go, what am i missing, or maybe become curious about what it is all about.

I think it will bring those people in.

Your company is an advertising platform in some way.

What do you think of the way markers are looking at twitter as an advertising medium?

Are they still in the experimental phase, or do they know what's going on and how to use the data that comes out of twitter?

By definition, it is experimental.

Twitter's ad revenues are in the hundreds of millions in an ad system that spends $165 billion in the u.s.. over time, if twitter can prove the results, there's a lot of upside.

What is working best for them?

What are the great new learnings that marketers have gotten from their usage of twitter?

It is to early to tell.

People are still experimenting, and the jury is out.

Really appreciate your time.

Thank you so much, ujjal kohli.

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