How the Government Shutdown Is Impacting D.C.

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray discusses his confrontation with Sen. Harry Reid about the government shutdown. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)


I just walked over, it was nearly happenstance that they were taking place at the same time.

I walked over to join them because they were still going on when we finished.

I simply said, please take the district of columbia out of this because we are not a federal agency.

We have our own money.

He didn't respond -- he did respond but i don't really know what he meant.

I would not characterize it as a sharp exchange.

What type of effect is the partial government shutdown having on the district's government?

How much funds do you have at your disposal?

What type of flexibility do you need from congress in order to continue delivering basic services?

First and foremost, what we need is to be extricated from the situation.

The district of columbia is not a federal department.

We have our own money.

These moneys are raised from the income taxes, the sales taxes and property taxes of the people.

We are simply asking for to be extricated so we can spend our own money.

We are not asking for anything from the federal government that no other state already get.

That is the treatment we are asking for.

As far as how much money we have left, that really depends on the bills, how much we choose to spend, we know we have coming dues, some major expenses, medicaid expenses as well as the payment for our charter schools.

Why do you suppose that washington d.c. isn't allowed to use it locally raised funds to maintain operations?

I think it is absolutely inappropriate.

We should not be included in the federal budget process.

We should have budget autonomy, which we have advocated for over and over again.

Our congresswoman has done the same thing.

Even leader reid himself just a couple of months ago made a statement that the district of columbia should the estate.

I completely agree with him.

If we were a state, we would be able to have the same control over our budget just like every other state and city in america.

You received support today from california republican darrell issa.

He is the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee.

He spoke at her press conference.

What type of assurances did he give you that congress is indeed trying to find a solution to the city's funding crisis?

He has been very supportive all along.

He has continued to assure us of his support.

Obviously he is one voice, a leading voice but he is one voice.

He would have to have others joining him, those from his caucus and those from the democratic caucus as well.

Hopefully in the future, we will never be threatened again with a federal government shutdown nor should we be in a situation where we don't have control of our own budget overall.

My colleague wrote a bloomberg view: that was entitled "why can't a congressman be more like a mayor?" she wrote, they confirm the suspicion that the closer you are to having to actually do something, the less you can indulge in ideological extremes.

Right now, your hands are tied because of partisan fighting on the hill.

What would you like to see done to end the gridlock?

First and foremost, the district of columbia should be freed from this so that we can spend our own money.

Secondly, it is absolutely unclear to me what is to be gained from this further shutdown.

It started over concerns about the affordable care act.

The president has said he is not going to negotiate.

We have gone forward to implement the act.

It ought to be permitted to move forward as it has been planned.

I think we should end this right now, move on, vote a continuing resolution that will take us for a period of time and then have our legislative leaders sit down with white house representatives and really worked through getting a budget developed that will carry us through the rest of this year.

We have about 30 seconds left.

How does this end?

What happens to washington if this goes on for another couple of weeks?

You can see the effects already.

We have been trying to help out by picking up the trash in the parks that would not be picked up because of the shutdown.

You hear impacts all over.

For us, the impact would be, we will be out of reserves.

The people who continue to deliver services, we wouldn't be able to promise them when they will be paid.

They will have to have their own reserves in order to be able to pay their staff and pay the expenses that they are incurring along the way.

They would eventually get paid but i would be in no position to tell people when they would get paid.

The mayor of washington d.c., vincent gray joining us earlier

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