How Teen Vogue Merged Finance and Fashion

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Jason Wagenheim, publisher at Teen Vogue, discusses the magazine’s collaboration with Goldman Sachs to research and collect data from teens on their connection to brands. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

And action.

Goldman sachs came to us earlier this year and tap into the teen vogue reader to help identify what brands are doing it well right now in its very fragmented consumer landscape.

Consumers have to be connected 24-7. brands are doing well through social media.

That is driving them into an inspiring world.

That's how much buying power did this age group have?

They spend as much as $200 billion per year.

It will over take -- over take the murders by 2020. i get now why goldman sachs was interested in the experience and expertise you bring.

Why do you want to be associated with goldman sachs?

It adds a lot of great credibility.

This is the fourth research study we have done.

To advertisers and marketers.

The general retail fashion and beauty population.

This is about your relationship with advertisers.

This is not a reader survey.

We did this study with goldman sachs to take to the beauty community news and research about what brands are doing well right now.

This has far more influence than any generation prior because of technology and is very hard to connect with them.

Retailers we work with want to know how to connect with the consumer.

Has it gone harder for you to sell advertisements?

They're looking at teen vogue on the tablet, what is the value of the print publication?

We are 10 years old in 2013. you come up with the millennial to deliver -- generation.

We have the social following on teen vogue.

We are a darling on instagram.

Certainly arising brand.

Sadly i am not a millennial.

When i think about pacemakers, i think about magazine editors.

What she said, matters to me.

Do they care what the like of a magazine editor think or do they care about 18-year-old bloggers?

This generation has more influence than ever.

They are tweeting and pinning and talking about the products are matter more to them.

The influence they have is far greater than ever before.

That is important coupled with the experience.

Is the vogue brand worth less?

Absolutely not.

Consumer still care.

The pages are carefully curated and selected every single month by the great editorial team.

What happens after that is the readers and bloggers talk about teen vogue.

They now have a network of 500,000 that they can spread the word to instantaneously.

You came up with this thing you call the love list.

A list of brands.

Why did you call with this, and who is on it?

Wherever 21, victory a secret and pink.

We also saw a real mix of high and low.

Mark jacobson e cores mixed in with target and maybelline and other great friends.

-- michael kors.

I do not want victoria's secret to be one of their top brands.

They do it really well in resume super great with the consumer out there shopping and the social.

What does it say about the social responsibility of a magazine who is influencing teachers when you'd -- teenagers when you do the love list and two of the top brands they care about is lingerie?

Women by intimates and pajamas.

Are teen-year-old girls.

? they are sleeping in pajamas all by pink.


In your effort to identify these brands, what are some of the common themes?

That technology faster -- factor.

Value does not necessarily mean cheap.

Has to have quality and worth the investment.

Does not matter if you are buying converse secret -- sneakers or keychain, it has to be worth what they paid for.

I might have been born in

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