How Tech Is Moving Callaway Up the Leader Board

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May 12 (Bloomberg) –- Callaway Golf CEO and President Chip Brewer discusses his company’s resurgence. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ok, moving on to golf, not long ago golf was a struggling brand after years of declining sales, they hired a new president and ceo of the company in 2012 to try to get things back on course, so to speak.

One year later, callaway found greater sales and drivers with a 20% increase.

Bloomberg spoke to them about how technology has been key to the brand's resurgence.

On the big bertha?

We have got an advantage in our construction techniques and material technology and it has allowed us to bring an adjustability and fitting to that process, whether it is sliding weights or gravity cores that allow us to move the center of gravity up and down.

It brought us to market in a way that has never before been done, delivering distance games to the consumer.

The technology that we have been able to bring to the markets is one of our greatest joys.

Having that r&d team and the resources to bring that into barry wood and hybrid, making it go longer than ever before, that

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