Kerry's Agenda Stretched Thin With Global Hot Spots

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on U.S. foreign policy and Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent global crises diplomatic efforts. Mattingly speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On the agenda?

Great question.

It will probably be what is going on in gaza right now.

At the same time, he also had a call with the russian foreign minister about russian i tillery.

Firing into ukraine.

He is still dealing with afghanistan.

He flew into kabul to arrange a power-sharing agreement.

He got an extension to the iran nuclear situation.

The amazing thing is come a how do you even put into perspective what is most important on his schedule right now?

There are so many hotspots he is dealing with.

It is incredible.

Sticking with israel, this is the third ground floor.

Phil, how do you think that the u.s. secretary of state, the secretary, the u.s., sees this change?

They're trying to referee this conflict.

Is there a sense of the role?

I think that there was concern within the white house.

Secretary john kerry has been doing this in his most recent trips.

It was kind of a fool's errangd.

He was setting himself up for failure.

There are so many different dynamics that have changed since the 2012 cease-fire, starting with the government in egypt and the popularity of this military offensive.

Starting with the ability to work with anybody who can talk to hamas.

It is very difficult right now with his job.

I think officials were concerned that he set himself up for failure.

The return to d.c. has those headlines following him.

He returns to washington in a series of studies.

You see the abandonment of the tripoli embassy.

I see a resurgent i sil in iraq.

That has to be a huge distraction.

Isil will not go away, will they?

They will not.

That is the other issue.

That underscores the broader sense of what is going on right now diplomatically.

Think about what is going on in iraq rid you have isil.

You are also relying on iran's hlep thelp there.

They're also negotiating with iran on the nuclear issue that is extended until november.

Iran is backing assad in syria, against u.s. wishes.

They also have major issues with israel, where the u.s. is trying to -- bottom line, the u.s. is relying on the same countries that are undermining their impact.

That shows with secretary kerry is trying to do.

There is no sense that any of this will slow down, even as we enter august, which is a slow period for everyone.

Secretary kerry is very busy speaking with his counterpart.

What is his message to our european partners in trying to deal with this conflict?

It increasingly looks like more of a ground war is taking place.

The u.s. has accused russia of shooting across the border.

The message is it is time to ramp up.

We have heard from multiple officials.

I think that john kerry is dealing with sergey lavrov in russia.

He is spreading the word to foreign ministers that it is time for them to ramp up sanctions.

To not only matchup with the u.s., but extend and grow up on those.

It is time to hit specific sectors.

What you saw the master to do before mh17, you'll start to see europe coalesce.

By the end of july, something will come out of brussels.

The u.s. is hopefully going to ramp up from there.

We will be talking later this hour about what that could mean for the energy markets.

Thank you so much for joining us.

It will be interesting to see the sanctions passed over the next five days.

Especially to see if they have the appetite.

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