How SpeedWeed Delivers Pot to Your Front Door

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- SpeedWeed CEO AJ Gentile discusses delivering marijuana to your door and the legal battle over pot deliveries with Carol Massar on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How did you get started?

How did you know there was a need for this kind of business?

I came from a tech elegy background.

Before this darted i was writing software, and one of the specialties we had is efficiency.

My brother is more involved in the marijuana industry than i am.

I am not really a marijuana user.

He took me to the this and three and i could not believe what i saw.

It was a minimart.

-- he took me to the marijuana dispensary, and i couldn't believe what i saw.

You started a manual.

How did that help you get started?

How medical marijuana was being done is you have these folks driving around with tackle boxes full of weed driving to their customers.

It's not a good model, so we wanted to figure out how to scale it.

I downloaded those operations and look for the leader in logistics and figured out how we could reach more people more efficiently.

How to use a within the limits of the law?

-- how do you stay within the limits of the law?

You have to be very careful with the law.

We retain three different law firms to make sure we are caused and play compliant.

Cities that dan marijuana companies are usually banning dispensaries raced on zoning laws.

We are not us door front.

We are not open to the public.

We allow illegal marijuana patient and the cultivator to get together and allow transaction.

-- we allow a legal marijuana patient and provider to get together.

We try to make sure the transaction happens the right way.

My understanding is you want to go public.

If i am a potential investor do i have to be worried there are going to be a lot of legal going forward?

Until medical marijuana is legal, there is always going to be risk.

I think oblique opinion is changing.

Our goal is to be the most exciting ipo of 2016. your growing.

We're up to about 20,000 members.


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