How `Soul Surfer' Actress Creates Movie Spark

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Actress AnnaSophia Robb and David Tice, executive producer of "Soul Surfer" and founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, discuss TrueSpark, a charitable organization that exposes kids to movies that have a positive message. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Though not quite that way.

Tell me about true spark and what you are doing teaming up with david.

He started this incredible organization and it basically builds character building films into afterschool programs.

These are teaching moral lessons like integrity, honesty, friendship.

And we bring this to the boys and girls club's, afterschool all-stars.

Kind of explain, they find role models within these films to aspire to be like them.

What makes it a good film.

Had a jamaica transition from the fruit and bear fund and being an investor to been involved in the movie industry?

This was a charity i thought about over 14 years ago when i had younger daughters and i felt like they were such treasures and they were not really absorbed by kids.

I actually went out and financed "soul surfer pose quote which people thought i was crazy to do.

-- " soul surfer" which people thought it was crazy to do.

It was a movie which sony got behind.

Annasophia robb played the role of a girl that lost her arm to a shark attack when she was 13. she came back incredibly.

The next year she ended up coming fifth place in the national contest.

The next year, she won a contest.

The overwhelming adversity that she showed and her work ethic.

Her face and how she prospered.

She's still one of the top role models in the world today for overcoming adversity.

This would be the kind of movie that would be part of the program.

What other movies are available?

What are you looking to showcase?

One of my favorites is "freedom writers" with hilary swank.

We have a lot of sports films.

It is about coming together.

Teambuilding, overcoming adversity.

Could you identify based on your own career?

You started acting at a very young age.

You want a big contest.

That must be someone else.

What did you learn from going through the process of selecting this movie?

I was trying to base my decisions off of a strong story and strong characters.

I always crack the character arc, how did they change from the beginning, the middle, and the and and how does this character grow.

It goes from generation to generation.

Kids can watch and i can show my kids and i will be proud of it.

What are some of your favorite movies that will be part of this?

"october sky" is one of my favorites because it is encouraging kids to receive science.

Another one is "great debaters," " in pursuit of happiness." all of us are great.

But how do you obtain these rights?

Is a big day because we now have five significant movie studios that are behind us.

We don't have all of them yet but there is actually an exemption to show these movies in schools, with the curriculum, and with an there.

We don't have all of the studios behind us.

Who are the big five?

Paramount, fox, lions gate, warner bros., and also miramax.

Are you looking for any movies that are on the list but are not currently?

"soul surfer" is not on the list.

We have a very extensive movie selection committee that includes a couple of hollywood producers as well as a phd educator any names that we would recognize?

Yes, mark ciardi.

The widow of tom -- the father of imagine schools are on our movie selection committee.

We are giving "soul surfer" a time to germinate before we bring it up to the committee.

What about a way way back?

I think that would be great.

Can you tell us about making that movie?

I had a great time.

It really started with the script.

I read it a couple of years ago, maybe even longer.

The story stuck out.

It was so on point.

I remember when we got to shooting, the writer directors of the film were just hilarious.

They work so seamlessly together.

The cast is so strong.

It was a really fun experience for me.

Overall, just a really strong story, quality story.

David tice, let's talk about a fun experience when it comes to investing.

The market levels that people do not expect so far this year.

Good performance last year.

What do you think is ahead?

I have a bear outlook.

I believe in the school of economics.

I believe that you are just pumping air into this market, we

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