How Soon Will the Fed Raise Rates?

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July 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Joseph Ciolli discusses when the Fed may raise rates and concerns over volatility with Mark Crumpton on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Equity reporter.

Markets hit a high last week, but felt today.

What information were investors trying to digest?

Quickly site very positive -- we saw a very positive report as well as the lowest unemployment rate in several years.

But they are already looking to the next event on the horizon.

Jpmorgan and coleman have moved their forecasts for the next rate hike -- and goldman have moved their forecasts up for the next rate hike.

You spoke to president and seo of freshmen in -- and cio of frost and investments in san antonio.

He said that investors expect the rates to go up.

Is that the expectation on the street?

But i think the fed will keep pushing equities down in this manner and keep looking for surprises.

I think the equity market will continue to follow that lead in the future.

My broadcast on "bottom-line" today, i spoke about the vix and how there is concern about not enough volatility.

Is that a concern that investors share?

It is a pretty lowball environment and that is a bit of concern.

People are looking for ways to play the market.

People are on the sidelines waiting for a reaction.

You mentioned the fed.

The minutes will be released on wednesday.

What are the markets looking for?

The markets are looking for them to hint at something a little bit sooner in terms of raising the benchmark interest rate.

Janet yellen had said that about six month after the end of tapering, which is now currently forecast to end in october, that is when they would do it, now there is internal pressure for companies like jpmorgan and goldman to move up their forecasts.

The fed might be pressured to do something else.

However, it is worth noting that the minutes coming out of wednesday's meeting might not have caught up to it yet.

Quick speaking of the fed, those inflation thresholds -- speaking of the fed, those inflation thresholds, we are below those.

Yes, now seems like the time.

It will be a matter of whether they want to stay on the same path or change gears midstream and go a bit faster on the more hawkish idea.

Finally, earning season kicks off on tuesday.

How much strength doing that to see?

I think we expect to see strength in the online brokerages as well as telecom and tech sectors.

Those are the ones expected to outperform.

Earnings are not expected to do quite as well.

Josie ling of bloomberg news covering equity -- equity news.

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