How Lorne Michaels Keeps 'SNL' on Top

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- "Live From New York" Author James Andrew Miller discusses the continued success of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Miller wrote "live from new york." they leave saturday night live, the unknown enter.

As in dell has done it again.

It is the same old story, creative excellence.

It is all about the product.

If they lost -- they lost a lot of cast members last year.

It just keeps on going.

Eyed daughter said to watch cecily strong.

They promoted her.

-- my daughter said to watch cecily strong.

They promote her.

I fell off my chair laughing.

There is only one lauren.

The dna of that show is so much the dna of lauren.

They have a mentoring process there, they have a culture there that just speaks directly to the product.

It is really impressive.

How have they been so successful giving all these distributional outcomes?

The vertically integrate themselves.

They were doing digital shorts to augment part of this show.

It used to be that if you missed saturday night live, people would talk about it.

Now you can see it all the time.

They are all over the place.

Every single platform is pretty impressive.

With the kids today laughing john belushi?

Yes, i think so.

I think they would totally get him.

What is new next year for you when you look at the creative process of saturday night live?

What should we look for in the show?

Next year, seth meyers has been a big part.

He leaves at the end of january.

That is going to be pretty big shoes.

Assess what's that seth was the head writer.

-- seth was the head writer.

Once tonight is the big read with everybody at the table.

It is an amazing thing.

It is a pretty exciting -- who runs that on wednesday night?

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