How SnapStream Lets You Watch TV Like Jon Stewart

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Rakesh Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer at SnapStream, explains the technology behind his company’s product that allows anyone to find anything on television at any time via a keyword search. He speaks on “Market Makers.”

"the daily show" that we should be thanking you.

How does it work?

Thank you.

The producers do deserve a lot of credit.

They come up with the ideas.

What snap stream is is a tv search appliance.

It is a box that allows you to record lots of tv.

Think of it like the dvr on steroids.

One box can record up to 10 television shows at a time.

And what we do is we make it so you can search inside those tv shows to pinpoint a very specific piece of content.

For the segment you just did, the producers would have done a search for "smoking gun" and it would have found all of the words -- places where it showed up the media.

You can watch the show from the point where they said "smoking gun." it is where you cross a dvr with a search engine, we allow people to record and then pinpoint those in the visual bits of content.

So they do have to set up the box to record specific shows.

It's not like you just have it up and running and recording all of cable television content in america.

As i said, it is an appliance.

You are right, they have to schedule the recording.

We have a program guide that makes it really easy to record practically everything.

Your home dvr had season passes we can record all episodes of a show and with snap string, you can record all shows on the channel 24/seven with a single click.

Most of our customers set up the domain of things they want to follow up front and then set it and forget it.

From that point forward, it records everything.

Step stream has lots of storage.

They can go and fish out content , weeks, months, even years after the fact depending on how big and been archived to build.

To monitor what people have -- do you monitor what people have told -- pulled?

It is an appliance located at our customer's premises.

We don't track what they're searching on.

We have customers and federal government, the united states senate and other federal agencies -- we have a lot of financial institutions, hedge funds that use our products so we are not monitoring -- how does a hedge fund use your product?

They would use it to track news that is unfolding in financial markets.

Take this morning, go pro with going public.

We could find all of the places where go pro was on bloomberg.

My mention would just show up on snap string.

It is done in real-time.

I can see a lot of different uses for this kind of machine, even beyond "the daily show goes quote and hedge funds and federal agencies.

How is the market growing for you?

With a very interesting set of customers in addition to the categories are mentioned, we have folks in politics, the rnc and dnc, the media watchdogs on both sides.

And how about the numbers?

What are we looking at?

We have a few hundred customers.

It is a niche business.

Not everyone needs to be able to have this kind of intelligence about television, but there are quite a few.

Our biggest challenge to growth is awareness.

What we see as a stack of vcrs and dvr's and customers just don't know upfront there is a much smarter way to record tv and then find whatever it is you're looking for.

Has google approached you to potentially buy you?

Google is the mother of all search engines.

What we do i think is pretty specialized.

We are expanding to do some other things.

Nowadays when people are watching tv, they're chatting about the tv shows they're watching on twitter and facebook.

We are adding some pretty amazing social tv functionality to our products.

You will be able to see the tweets were the facebook messages about the show right next to the tv show, post screenshots as well as short clips.

There is more to come in that category.

Hold on, then it is about raising awareness?

To me, you look like a prime acquisition target for google or facebook or twitter.

Are you in talks with any of these companies?

We are not in talks with anyone at this point.

I just wonder if you have plans for consumer facing product because it would make a lot of sense for you to set up 100 of your own boxes, record everything, and then allow people to search for a charge.

We actually started out in the consumer space.

We got out of that business because the product we made, which turn your pc into a dvr, we sold it at best buy a micro center and all the retail stores -- he got out of that business because it was not something the everyday consumer would be able to set up.

It involved installing hardware on your pc.

We know the consumer market really well.

I am barry just did in the future of television.

I think tv is going or is being transformed, but there's is going to be a sea change coming and he may be a part of that, but our focus right now is this enterprise tool for searching television and then for social tv.

They do so much for joining us, rakesh.

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