How Small a Business Is 3D Printing?

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "BWest Byte," Cory Johnson looks at the size of the 3D printing market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You have the bite for us today.

How about $870 billion.

870 million is the accumulated retained earnings over the 20 years this company has been public.

Today looks like the 3-did printing bubble might be over.

Even if you focus on the business side of the business, the enterprise side of the business, it's going to be a small market?

I think it's a small market.

One of the leaders really shows that.

If you could buy a 3-d printer for your house, what would you want to print?

Emily printouts.

That seemed like a hit.

Maybe if they were doing more emily khang.

I don't know.

We were talking about this a few months ago.

There were a lot of companies trying to go public as those stocks were going up and that was an unoh moment for the industry.

You know what they might not want to print?

Little cory johnsons.

We have to go to twitter for that one.

I think that's a point.

A lot of the analyst are bullish on these stocks.

The bankers are trying to take these companies public.

The fact everyone is trying to rush into these deals leads to optimism from the analysts.

Thank you all for watching this edition of "bloomberg west." don't miss our late show today.

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