How Should Small Business Approach Social?

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Hearsay Social CEO and Founder Clara Shih discusses small business use of social media on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of small business for facebook.

There are a lot of platforms out there.

If you are a small business, how should you approach social and choose where to spend your time?

Retail businesses it is four steps.

The where the customer is.

I'm -- pinterest, twitter, facebook, linkedin.

Step two is to grow your fan base and start investing in paid opportunities.

Step three is to listen to your customer, hear what they are saying.

The final step is to respond.

It is an iterative circle.

How much time would you say businesses need to invest?

They cannot just set up an account and hope everything will follow, right?

That is just the first step.

It depends on the business you are in.

Increasingly, consumers are spending time on the site and using the sharing and the posts on these sites to make important purchase decisions.

Businesses have to be a part of the conversation.

Do you see a difference between facebook, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin?

Is there anyone that is an absolute must?

It depends on the business.

They have emerged to really occupy different places on the social web.

Just like there was not just one internet company that won out, there were several.

The same thing with these few networks.

How do they decide where to spend their money when it comes to marketing dollars?

Where would they get the most bang for their buck when it comes to advertising?

I think we're seeing a lot of businesses, both small and large, fortune 500 organizations, continue the shift in spending from off-line to online.

With an online they are still doing a lot with google.

They are starting to experiment more and more and seeing great results on social media.

I think at the f-8 conference last week, facebook's investment in the mobile ad network underscores the power of social combined with mobile.

How do you view facebook's mobile ad offering as different from twitter?

It is a different audience and it is a different interaction mechanism.

Each business needs to look at where their target customer spends time.

It might be multiple sites, in which case they should start with one and experiment and then continue from there.

You can compare the results from one versus the other.

Pinterest is just rolling out paid pins for the first time this week with a select group of brands.

How impactful do you think these are going to be questioned when it comes to pinterest people have been trying to get in the door, pinterest has not been ready.

It is very wise of pinterest to focus on their user base and go from there.

The brands that are launching this month are very exciting.

I am curious to see how gap, disney, etc.

Will perform.

Promoted pins, it really underscores the maturation of social business.

The fact that consumers want to interact and have been interacting with brands they love on these websites.

Its base to the social nature and also the importance of highly visual customer experiences online.

What brands do you think are doing social well these days?

Again, it is so difficult to compare.

Every industry has their leaders.

I am biased, i think starbucks does a terrific job.

Disney, gap, lululemon is part of the pinterest launch.

Those brands are cutting edge.

They are willing to experiment and it goes to show when it comes to innovation you do not always get it perfect the first time but you start to build muscle memory and eventually it becomes part of the organization and the culture.

Clara shih of hearsay from

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