How Science Could Determine NBA's Top Draft Pick

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June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Wagner, founder of Sparta Performance Science, discusses how science can help athletes improve their performance. He speaks with Pimm Fox and Jon Erlichman on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Potential draft picks who have used your technology.

They are looking into how they produce force in the ground.

Teams are looking at the pressure not only to determine where those injury risks lie but also where some performance opportunities are.

Every player possesses unique injury risk as well.

X i have had a chance to check out your facilities.

They are impressive.

This is an important story.

For people who are not necessarily familiar with the nba tell us about the star athlete who is expected to go number one who we have now learned has injuries and that affects the draft physician.

What is happening behind the scene and how do teams figure out the true health of a player?

These players came out of the university of kansas who began using our technology to analyze force production.

A lot of these programs, the developmental times was so short.

There is less than eight weeks to get ready.

The difficulty becomes how do i identify those risks and in this case sometimes there's not enough time that one to identify them to properly treat these as apes.

The sensitivity and reliability of such technology is becoming more and more important as the offseasons get shorter.

Would you say that we have come a huge way in the last five or six years?

We now understand moneyball.

And the analysis of athletes.

What about using science, how is the track record?

We are entering that age when we are aware of it.

This next stage is the predictive side.

Software seeks to identify what is going to happen.

The first step is identifying which values are important.

What we should be looking at.

Gathering enough that we can identify it with a far enough lead time to make a difference whether that is an nba team making a different decision with that pick or whether it it is a coach developing that player for a longer time.

The predictive aspect is the next frontier.

We are becoming aware of it the last five years.

If someone were to visit the facility you put together, what would they see that is different from going to a regular gym?


Every athlete is different.

Science and technology should seek to identify why it is different.

Subsequently provide a prescription for every different individual.

The most shocking thing walking into our facility is to see that nobody is doing the same thing.

It all begins with data and software that can identify the trends with different injuries

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