How Sanctions Against Russia May Impact Unilever

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July 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on the challenges Unilever may face with the onset of sanctions against Russia. She speaks to Anna Edwards, Mark Barton and Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Good morning, caroline.

Good morning.

This is a company that a few months ago, they're saying that they are permitted to this country and are looking for organic growth and investing in manufacturing over there.

Also, acquisitions as well.

There really are looking to continue to grow the market share.

Is that still that case?

Of course, it was predominantly dutch people.

The politics is becoming serious in the netherlands.

Clearly there he is concerned.

Many are saying enough is enough.

The likes of maneuver -- of course, it is a very difficult line to walk, isn't it?

They have been saying to change business strategy, that seems to be the focus to a large extent.

As we look ahead, there are going to be tough questions about how much exposer.

The political pressure seems to be mounting.

On one side, you've got the politics.

On the other side, russia's economy is not going to be helped by the current sanctions that will be imposed.

Yet the currency in which -- remember, this is a fast-moving company.

This is personal care.

If the price goes up, they will -- suddenly it will be that much more expensive.

They have russian brands they have invested in particularly over there's. how will the sales be faring?

And they have lost one of their key executives, haven't they?


The most probable unit.

-- profitable unit.

He will be replacing him.

Dave lewis has been replaced by a 29 year company veteran.

Is this the next successor in line?

He has been hiding.

They have been selling off -- right.

[laughter] the ragu.

[laughter] that is the goal for many companies and they are in a situation in regards to russia.

Perhaps it is not appropriate to say that at the moment, but it is a dutch company.

It is one of the main quotas.

They have traditionally been very open to the world.

What is the financial reality?

We look at the amazing fact good netherlands is russia's third-largest trading partner.

Caroline, thank you.

Right up to the break, risk,

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