How Planet Fitness Plans to Beat `Gymtimidation'

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau discusses the company's business strategy and growth goals with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


It has gotten you a lot of attention.

I assume it's a big driver between the growth that you've seen.

-- behind the growth that you've experienced.

Someone who is intimidated that normally would not go, you are making it a lighthearted atmosphere.

Wasn't in the nation a problem in the past?

Previously, i would have thought of planet fitness like a goldstein jim.

-- a goal gym.

85% of the population does not belong to a health club.

Does not belong deco yes to my so if you the rest of the industry is fighting over the 15%. we are going after the 85%. the commercial brings them in and then you throw down the $10 price point.

$10 is very inexpensive.

I don't want to sound cynical, but are you counting on people joining gyms and never showing up?

Because i know that's what i do.

People come and go.

You take a week off, taking the kids to soccer, working late.

If you don't make it this week, no big deal.

The same product shows the quality is right there.

We were all talking about it in our show meeting.

Everybody says, you know, i pay x amount of dollars and never go, and that's what they want.

Can you make more money off of a client actually comes in?

If they are not using the store, eventually they will cancel.

You want them to come in.

You make it fun and enjoyable.

When i was working out, it was like a chore.

It's like mowing your lawn.

The lighthearted approach with the purple and yellow colors, the long --lunk alarm on the wall.

Give us an example of bad etiquette for which i would go and pull the alarm?

Clicks dropping weights.

Having that attitude when you walk around the gym and look around.

The thing.

A long --lunk is someone who grunts and drops weights.

I cannot push a huge pile of iron off my chest?

No, absolutely not.

I wouldn't be able to do it anyway.

It's like being at a bar when someone is talking on a cell phone.

Do people get busted to talk on the cell phone?

They have to be in the lobby.

But they can watch extreme videos while they are doing cardio.

What does the future look like for planet fitness?

5 million, you fit this big growth mark, and i don't want to take that away from you, but are you looking to hit 10 next?

Are you going public?

We opened in denton, texas today.

There is tons of white space out there.

We started in the northeast, which is where we are concentrated.

About 4.5% of the total -- total population today.

There is so much room for growth for us.

Here in new york, we are snobby people walking around with our latte and going to soul cycle and flywheel.

Is this an ultra luxury end of this spectrum?

How do you think of that competition?

A lot of people belong to those because they really like those, but they still have us for their cardio's and showers and things like that.

Spinning is a tough workout.

Not everyone walks in their first time it gets on a soul cycle bike.

I did at one time and i will never do it again.

It is tough.

It's very difficult.

The first timer is not looking for that.

I built this gymnasium so that my wife and my mother could walk in and work out.

They will not walk into a hard-core jim -- gymnasium for the first time.

You are basically looking for someone who is new to the field or will use your jim as a base -- gym as a base.

Most are just looking to make it in two or three days a week.

With the judgment free zone, a lot of them can come in like

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