The Coffee Silicon Valley Just Can't Get Enough Of

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Jacob Jaber, CEO of Philz Coffee, discusses the company's history, customized coffee blends and how tech is used in its stores. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

3000 cups of joe and that was all before half past 9:00 in the morning.

Philz coffee also has a shop that facebook's headquarters.

Silicon valley appears to be addicted to the brew.

The executive jacob jaber joins us.

Why does the world need another coffee chain?

After water, coffee is the most consumed beverages in most countries.

It is a really popular drink and it is more than a beverage.

It is social.

It is something that brings some people together and i think a lot of people drink coffee for different reasons.

In america and certain cities, it has become kind of like a drug.

You can drink it for whatever way you enjoy drinking and philz is unique and different.

When you come inside of one, you will absolutely recognize that.

Our philosophy is that the best coffee in the world is the coffee that comes to your case.

We try to, in a friendly way, understand what you like and hopefully handcraft the coffee -- best coffee i've ever had.

Jacob, explain how you and your brother started all this.

Phil is actually my dad.

Don't worry about it.

He has been into coffee since he was a little kid.

Back home, he used to sell coffee door-to-door.

When he used -- moved into the states at the age of 16, he opened his first grocery store to try to make a living but coffee and his passion has stuck with him.

He loves coffee for more than the drink.

It is about connecting people and from a cultural standpoint, very hospitable and really cares about taking care of people.

The philz is personal.

It is more like a bar than a coffee shop.

When you walk in, you see different blends from around the world it my dad about 25 years to create.

They are really special and they are categorized by light, dark, and medium roast.

They have great names attached to them.

We hire great people and they are very friendly and want to make you the best cup possible.

When you walk in, you are greeted by paris stanley handcraft the perfect cup for you.

It is 3, 4, 5 minutes.

In some cases, even quicker.

When you walk out, we don't let you eat our stores until you are 100% satisfied.

Every time we serve you a cup, we want to make sure that it is perfect.

We ask you to take a sip.

We do so in authentic because we believe that authenticity and being genuine is very important.

It is an important value in our business and that is why we work area are to hire great people.

That is another thing that separates philz from a cultural standpoint.

There is no uniform or script.

We hire people for values and we have a characteristic checklist we use to ensure we are hiring the right people and we go through a really great training process.

We give them the freedom to work to their full potential.

We have a really great team of people that works for us.

I have to press you a little bit.

I know there was some recent controversy having to do with tracking people through their mobile phone and things like that.

You cut that out because you are concerned with the privacy issue.

Did you ever expect that would be something that a guy who was making great coffee would have to confront?

I think information is important.

The more information that people have in most cases, the better decisions you can make.

We use the information that we received, which is very aggregated and privacy, oriented to make better decisions.

While it is a great tool, and there are a lot of retailers that use it, but by light you're not required to post a sign but we did.

That is what we got press.

We took it off not because we did not like it, but the concern of our customers was not really earth the value it was bringing us, at least in our case.

A lot of resellers around the world rely on devices to help them make great decisions.

I am a proponent of it, but at the same time, privacy is important that we want to respect that.

What is your favorite coffee drink?

There was a lot, but personally -- when i go into our

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