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April 30 (Bloomberg) –- Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai discusses the company's content services and business strategy with Elliott Gotkine on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Recommendations you find on sites like cnn and espn and fox news, the guardian and the telegraph, they were typically at the end of articles or the side of articles or videos.

We recommend to the user, what is the reader to do next?

Class how do you work that out yet so -- question -- how do you work that out?

We watch what is interesting in what people consume and what they find to be interesting.

Based on that, our algorithms, all technology-based, make recommendations.

This is all a volumes game.

How much do you take?

A cent or less?

Quest for half of the class -- for half of the , we do not take any.

We recommend another store and espn and that creates tremendous value to the user.

Great content.

It is great for the publisher as well.

We do not charge anything for that.

The link points to a story on another site, those -- those on a cost basis and are very affordable in the $.10 range.

We share the revenue back with the publisher.

Half -- how far off the growth right now?

Quests we have been growing on key metrics over the years we have started selling about clutter years ago.

Revenues, can you give us a sense of where they are?

More than $100 million.


some have suggested what you guys do and what your rivals now do, after emulating yourselves, is kind of blurring the line between independent journalism and content, and what is paid for publishing.

Yes, we take two very simple principles.

One is we think the user, the individual, is smart.

And people understand when they are being shown ads that are made to look like something else, and our bet is that people -- people are smart.

The second thing is we think the fundamental currency of our business and the industry as a whole is not a dollar or a pound or euro.

Currency of our business is user trust.

If we erode the trust and do not respect users and provide them with genuine and authentic content, we think this will not be sustainable over time.

This is always therefore user trust and that is the guideline for every link we serve.

It is to -- time for today's latin america report.

Venezuela will raise the minimum

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