How Olapic Turns Selfies Into Sales

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Pau Sabria, co-founder and CEO of Olapic, explains how the company turns selfies into sales. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Some things you can not describe by text.

A visual way of transmitting something.

Tell us exactly what you do.

Your corporate client roster is pretty impressive.

You have pepsi, coach, people, new balance.

We provide a platform that helps them cap into all of the pictures that people are sharing.

We help them define how users should be submitting the photos.

We help them curate it and display it back on their e-commerce site and measure how it is performing.

You are a middle man between me and everybody else taking pictures while using and helping get those good pictures back to these clients.

Whenever you buy a product, you will receive an e-mail that says, why don't you submit a picture of that product?

We will help that picture make its way back to the website.

They can see on how it looks on the model, how it looks on someone more real.

They get a marketing campaign where they reached out to a lot of folks who had taken cruises on carnival.

The videos and pictures became part of their advertising campaign.

A brand like coach, what have you done for them?

They launched a campaign to take pictures from above your coach shoes.

Because pictures -- you can see how people are wearing coach shoes and decide whether or not you want to shop for those shoes.

How effective is this type of -- bringing those pictures for brand?

What kind of payoff do they see?

You measure the stuff, right?

We provide the ability to measure it.

There is a huge return for the brands.

On top of that, the content they are able to tap into.

That is something they can tap into, how users are showcasing the couch or a set of plates.

You did a campaign with heidi klim and new balance.

New balance launches new lines.

When they launch new products, it increases 39% the conversion rate.

Every time they launch a new product -- what is next for you guys?

We just opened an office in london.

Good to get an update from you.

That does it for taking stock on

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