How Obama's Absence Impacted the APEC Summit

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Leaders from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member countries are meeting in Bali this week to discuss ways to boost their economies as an uneven global recovery and volatility in financial markets constrain growth. Indira Lakshmanan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

As opposed of a large u.s. president engagements -- engaging.

We are joined live from bali.

We should let our viewers know there is a delay between new york and bali.

How did it go with president obama?

There is no question that without president obama here there is an obvious lack of leadership.

This has been a real opportunity for the other nations were trying to leave the asian pacific region including china and russia.

They're talking about their commitment to the asia-pacific region.

The so-called asian pivot was supposed to be the signature initiative of president obama's signature term.

He wanted to refocus attention on away from all the struggles to the nation i was responsible to the world's gdp.

His absence has certainly made it difficult to show there is leadership and commitment even though secretary kerry and a bass or might froman have talked about the problems that we have with the shut down.

And the inability to have the chief guy himself.

The jakarta globe ran a big headline that says a diminished superpower with a picture of obama to show his advocacy.

It has not been a great reception here for the u.s. inability to come at the highest level.

Leaders have expressed interest in seeing a quick resolution.

President obama even gained in unexpected ally.

What more can you tell us?

That is right.

It is really interesting when gets his remarks yesterday.

He publicly said that had he been an obama shoes he would have done precisely the same thing he said that everyone is sympathetic.

Everyone is hoping there will be a quick resolution.

Obama may not have expected a shout out from a corner who has not always been his best friend.

It shows that leaders to understand on some level what is going on.

They are not trying to publicly take advantage of the situation.

The photo that the leaders take every year together shows xi jinping and vladimir putin front and center surrounded by all of their friends and secretary of state kerry is shuttled off to the side.

He is not right up there with the other presidents.

He has not been given the diplomatic protocol and meeting with all of the world leaders.

How did the presidents absence affect the u.s. rivalry with china over greater economic and strategic influence in the region?

It is right that in fact the main goal of the obama administration is to try to negotiate all the critical aspects of the so-called transpacific partnerships.

It is a us-led trade agreement among 12 nations on the asia- pacific.

President obama wants to do it by the end of the year.

Economies are responsible for 26 trillion dollars.

At the same time, china is working on its rival economic partnership with the members of the aipac region.

It certainly gives usually being an opportunity to lobby firsthand.

I think we will see progress.

We have seen some.

It is not clear to me that he will be able to dot all the eyes and cross all the tease.

We will just have to see how that goes.

Secretary kerry also have a chance to speak with his russian counterpart.

Any developments on dealing with.


What is interesting is they both gave credit to syrian president bosch are all assad for having to started to cooperate with the deal to destroy chemical weapons.

Hearing john kerry have limited praise.

We will see you whether iran is the sanction relief that once that they are able to present

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