How Nuzzel Stands Apart From Other News Aggregators

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Jonathan Abrams, founder and CEO fo Nuzzel, explains how the social news aggregator works. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." Abrams is also the founder of Friendster. (Source: Bloomberg)

Pray for those who have not played around with nuzzel, give an explanation of how works.

It is a website and cap that shows you the top news stories shared by your friends on facebook and twitter.

Likes if they are using it, you see the numbers.

If your friend share one particular story 10 times, you have to get a sense on what most of your friends are talking about.

Is that right?

We show you the number of friends that have shared the story, liked it, or tweeted.

We have the top stories at the top.

You can see the context behind how many people are sharing the stories.

A lot of players are thinking about this, doing a better job of delivering the stories.

What works, what doesn't work?

It is true that silicon valley tech types have built a lot of aggregation products over the last 10-20 years.

What makes nuzzel fun is that it is easy.

It is the utility but people love it.

You mentioned twitter.

It is a great way to get the word out about your product.

But, is it a rival to you?

Or it is a place you can help to further distribute the story of what nuzzel is?

It is the latter.

Nuzzel makes twitter better.

It is river people who like twitter.

It helps you find stuff you may have missed.

A lot of people who love twitter use both.

It doesn't show you all the tweets from your friends.

It doesn't show you videos or photos.

It shows you the top news stories.

If we do seem less time spent going forward on some of the bigger social media platforms, facebook or twitter, what does that say about the value of news aggregation that highlights the people are talking about?

If those are less relevant?

There are a lot of questions now about how much time people are spending every day on facebook and on twitter.

I don't think those services are less relevant.

I don't think time is down.

There is more and more sharing going on so it is getting hard.

It is overload.

People cannot monitor their facebook and twitter every second of every day.

As i'm sitting here now, people that i have chosen to follow are sharing stuff i may have missed.

Nuzzel helps you see the stuff you may have missed.

Thank you.

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