How New Relic Helped to Fix Glitches

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Lew Cirne, founder & CEO at New Relic, explains his company’s role in fixing the technical glitches of the website on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

For more i am joined by new relic's ceo.

Thank you for joining us today on the show.

The government basically came to you and said, we need help, right?

Tell me what happened.

We got a call in october and i noticed that an organization called hhs signed up for our software.

I ask, is that the hhs i think of, health and human services?

They said yes.

We thought that this was an opportunity to do what we do well to provide visibility to complex systems to help tough where people fix problems in production.

That was essential to helping improve performance.

How did you do it?

How did you help fix the site?

There are many people and many products involved.

What our product does is it puts visibility into the code that is running inside the white site, inside

We will detect and help those people figure out what to do to make things faster.

So what were the problems?

There were many problems and i do not think there was a silver bullet.

These are very complex systems.

And these complexities are not just in

These are most reduction web applications.

The nature of the problems we had are related to complex integration of software talking to many external systems as well as the code it self.

-- the code itself.

What feedback did you get?

It seems like there was a lot to work on.

There were hundreds of people and the question is what you put your people on?

Where do you get the most bang for the buck in fixing the software?

We saw at reduction on the error rate from six percent down to less than one percent.

That is a dramatic reduction in errors.

Obviously you guys have been doing well outside the government using your software.

You have so many different web apps, smart phone apps.

What are your plans going forward?

Is there an ipo in your future?

Hillary ran as the president of sales up until just last week . now she is joining us to hopefully create a company that has the kind of impact a salesforce has.

We want to make companies around the world just make their software work in production.

That is a massive opportunity.

Yes, we hopefully planned to be a public company that has an impact for decades.

Thank you for joining us on "bloomberg west," great to hear how you helped work with the white house.

It is our honor.

In the digital age, live performances.

That is next on "bloomberg west ." ?

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