How Much Will PC Slump Hurt Intel?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Maxim Group Senior Tech Analyst Ashok Kumar previews Intel's earnings and discusses his outlook for the company with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Reflect the job that brian krzanich is doing?

These are more backward looking.

I think we expect the intel results to be marginally better than the report that came out of market research.

It recorded double digit decline in the pc market on a global basis.

Intel reports on a sell-in basis.

The intel results should be marginally better and largely in line with the companies guidance of $12.4 billion.

Pc sales are down and intel is behind in mobile.

What is the hand that brian krzanich has been delta?

Over all, if you look at the core business of pc's, it is about $30 billion.

The company maintains about 80% share.

That will be relatively stable.

We don't think business is going away but incremental growth will be a new factor.

The company has a new product line that is competitive against solutions.

When do you expect to see a bump pc sales due to the new microsoft windows or other innovations?

The refresh of windows 08 operating system which is also called blue potentially create a step up in demand.

Within the enterprise market, the expiration of windows xp support by next april should support the upgrade cycle.

We could potentially see a modest recovery in the core pc business.

What can brian krzanich do to shore up mobile strategy?

He has said we want to move faster.

I think they should continue to keep their eye on the ball which is the core pc business.

That will continue to represent the bulk of the profit dollars for the company.

I think we expect the company to continue to roll out new products targeting smart phones and tablets.

The asps are much lower than the core business.

On the silverside, the asp's are in millions of dollars.

What do you want to hear from him on the call today?

We would like for the company to set a realistic tone given the fairly weak macro backdrop.

As long as the company sets realistic expectations, 2013 will be viewed as a transition year with the company being in a position to monetize the benefits of its processors and processing investment in 2014 and beyond.

What about tv?

We talked earlier about their proposition vs.

Apple and google.

Is this any more than a hobby for intel?

I think it will eventually.

The key is who controls the living room.

The intel perspective is more in terms of the infrastructure.

The silver products it can potentially sell and that market and driving demand for devices.

I think it is key for intel to be a participant in that market but it is a longer-term opportunity for the company.

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