How Much Does TMZ Pay for Celebrity Videos?

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Nick Thompson reports on the value of celebrity images on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

For best videos and what is the payoff in dollar terms area i am joined now.

How much did they wind up paying for something like this?

I do not know.

There have been reports on a lot of different things that a. . $18,000, they paid $150,000 for a video of o.j. simpson's break in.

A lot of rumors but none of it has been confirmed.

It is somewhere in the five figure range.

That is my guest.

They are pulling out five figures.

They are making it in advertising revenue there you can kind of cap late that.

You do not know exactly, but let's say they get 5 million views and half are on mobile and half are on desktop.

Mobile, they are probably getting $50 for thousand years.

That would be $75,000. in mobile, they are getting a lot less.

The $50,000 in advertising revenue.

They only have one mobile ad.

I will guess $60,000 and i could be off by a lot but that is my guest.

Does it matter how long a video is saying viral?

This will live on.

Does that matter?

Fax it will drive a lot of traffic over the long term.

People will be googling back to this site.

They will be taking some of the traffic and getting some of the attention.

It does not look like tmz put a video ad on this singular video.

They did not do that.

Who knows live.

May be an advertiser does not want to be before this.

Let's go to the trickle-down benefit for tmz.

Not monetarily tom of the date reputational lives here it that might be where much more of the benefit comes from there it it makes the next person who has something they want is no, a video or celebrity doing and that it makes them think, tmz.

There is that dennis it.

Do you know how they wind up determining what is hot or not?

Whoever make their decisions, they have to be good at their job.

You have to decide, is this real or not?

You do your best.

Then you have to figure out, is internet going to go crazy or not?

That is hard.

Will he do exceptionally well or medium well?-cannot just be about their profit margin.

The criteria probably pass -- class it is a very interesting conversation.

Able get into the conversation because then the newsweek doubt and you have a problem.

Just like any other commodity, it is a tricky thing to do.

Look kind of competition do they have in the market?

X tons of other sites to pay or post rings.

I do not know the rate they are paying.

I think it is one of those situations where the winner becomes the place.

Whoever got that video from the hotel, maybe x y and z but probably they thought i will take it to tmz.

Once you start to win the neck or just the network effects and the public effects.

The next time somebody has something crazy, they think tmz.

Thank you so much.

The thompson.

We appreciate it.

Coming up, the u.s. government is punishing russians facing sanctions by taking away toys.

More on that when we returned.

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