How Much Is John Boehner’s Obamacare Deductible?

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports on the latest developments on the Affordable Care Act on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

You certainly have a lot of republicans who will talk about it.

There talking about the problems with and they are also talking about the way the rubber meets the road.

The prices that they are paying for premiums that are out there and the deductibles are going up as well.

This is another talking point for them.

They have criticized the health care law.

We will have several members on capitol hill and this is one of the questions they will have to answer.

In addition to the rollout, the website is operating better.

They will make this point over and over.

Lawmakers actually have a deadline of their own to sign up for the affordable care act.

How is that going?

There is actually a different website.

Technically, they are members of a small business.

That is the congress of the united states.

They are operating off of the d.c. exchange.

The deadline is december 23. december 9 is the deadline for members of congress understaffed to sign up for individual plans.

They want to be forced to eat their own cooking.

Many are signing up.

Many are finding that they are having problems.

They're also getting sticker shock themselves.

The speaker of the house complained about his premium ebeling.

To know what the deductibles will be for a senator from west virginia?

I can tell you that john boehner selectable is going to be $1000. that has gone up.

He is a 64-year-old smoker with a stressful job.

If you are on a family plan, also your age -- members of congress will be judged on their age.

That is something that all americans have had to confront.

Senator cruise has a wife at goldman sachs.

On her plan.

$20,000. our guest host this hour -- we wanted to bring you clarity on the affordable care act.

He is the ceo of evergreen cooperative of maryland.

David kirkpatrick is with us as well.

He will talk about bitcoin.

Tell me where we are.

Whether republican or democrat, these to vegetables -- deductibles -- how does anyone live on an $8,000 deduct ball?

These are unusual.

We have a whole range of deductibles.

Some are gaming the system.

What do the blues main?

Blue cross, blue shield.

People in maryland have had low premiums.

They attract people looking for

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