How Much Does Aereo’s Service Cost?

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Aereo’s service, costs and Supreme Court legal battle on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

About this story is it can have a huge impact on the future of this business.

There are billions of dollars of fees paid by the cable companies to the broadcasters.

If this decision plays in favor of a service like dario, the fees they are not paying become justified.

The ceo does not come across as someone who is fearful or.

Here's an example.

To be clear, if you were not successful at the supreme court, is there a plan b? no.

There is no plan.

We do think it is the right thing.

Progress is important.

The mission is to try and create a platform.

If we don't succeed in that despite our good efforts and the merits of our case, it is what it is.

There is a viewpoint that the service is being adopted by a lot of cord cutters.

He says anecdotally that a lot of people who use the service do have cable.

They will use it if they don't want to have a cable in a second room in their home.

I was not aware of that.

It seems like broadcasters do have a plan b. they are threatening to move to cable.

Are they concerned about that?

You have to be concerned about that.

There are sports leagues themselves that are putting pressure on the broadcasters to think about moving their big sports games to cable from broadcast.

This may be the place where aere o has a good argument.

They are required to make programming available to the masses.

There are millions of people that are watching the broadcast networks on antennas.

A they may not be usingereo.

A lot of players in the pay-tv world have made the argument that we can replicate the technology.

It is a free country.

You invested a tremendous amount of money and resources.

This is a complicated technology.

I an not suggesting we're the only people in the world.

Speaking of the technology, we were speaking with him at a manufacturing company.

Tomorrow we will go behind the scenes on how this technology all comes together.

We're looking forward to that.

Barry diller has shown interest in the company.

He was one of the early backers.

I think that is made the story very interesting.

Diller has strong ties to traditional television from his days at fox.

He has made a part of his fortune on the evolution of the internet.

He has been fascinated by the potential that comes with streaming television.

I think he is an investor in the business.

It does add to this tension between the traditional world and traditional broadcasting and this new technology that is out there.

It is eight dollars a month foraereo.

Will they win -- raise the cost if they win the supreme court case?

They have a package that is very netflix like.

They have a $12 a month package were you can be recording a live program will you watch live program.

There is a lot of stores the comes with using the service.

You can hold onto a bunch of shows for a longer.

Of time.

If you're paying $12 a month, you can store more.

In the neighborhood of 26% of the current subscribers, they are paying that $12 a month package even though they don't

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