How Monsanto Helps Farmers With Big Data

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Drake Bennett reports on Monsanto’s use of big data to help farmers. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Of being predominantly a seed company, they're moving into a new realm which is big data on the farm.

It is obviously transformed a lot of parts of our life.

Farming is rife for it.

There are 40-50 decisions a typical farmer will make over the course of a season.

The goal is to take a lot of the guesswork out of that and provide with actionable intelligence.

Life they had a testy relationship with farmers.

Are they as bad as people make them out to be?

Depends on the criticism.

They will sue farmers for doing things like replanting seeds from a genetically modified crop area what they will say in response is they only do those farmers who are being egregious about it.

It is not organic farmers accidentally pollinated by these cross third is farmers trying to get it vantage -- get advantage of this without paying the premium for them.

Courts had agreed with the company.

Christ doesn't hurt them financially when it happened?

Let's not a lot hurt them financially.

They have done incredibly well.

They were spun off and left for dead around 2000 after a merger.

Since then, net income is up 2.5 dan.

Stock market evaluation is lay-up.

They're doing quite well.

You spent a lot of time with the company.

What surprised you most?

A lot of the research they do is not in genetically modified seeds, but conventional breeding.

An incredibly -- a lot of the research, almost as much of it is going into this other breeding.

Christ thank you so much.

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