How Microsoft Found Its New Leader

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Habit Design CEO & Founder Michael Kim, Kilbourne Group Founder & Chairman Doug Burgum and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson and Jon Erlichman discuss Satya Nadella being named CEO of Microsoft and what his leadership will mean for the company. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Editor at large, cory johnson joining me.

What do you think about what you heard from satya nadella and that address?

I think he is right.

-- i think in a number of these markets.

I number of cases, i think microsoft is its own worst enemy in trying to overcome internal struggles and how it regards innovation and how we can move forward quickly in these markets in a way that can sustain organic growth and innovation and as well revolutionize the culture within the company.

We have not gone to interview satya nadella just yet.

We are getting to know him.

They said no two interviews today.

But cory, what did you think of what you heard from him.

Is this a guy who can inspire the troops?

I think he has a clear vision of what microsoft will be.

I get the sense that bringing bill gates in, you know that bill could not do it without you, come on in.

That he is savvy enough to thought about how he will do the job that he is going to do.

Reaching out to the people who will revise him, that kind of thing.

The board level has really embraced him in this dig.

-- gig.

He may even know who he wants to promote and get rid of right now.

You think this marks a clear divide in the gates versus ballmer way of thinking.

Tell us what you mean by that.

I think of this as a resurgence of gates'vision, which he has called for several years integrated innovation, versus steve ballmer's which for decades he has called derivative branded innovation.

Innovating the major brands within microsoft, windows, office, xbox, etc.. while the innovation market works very well, it doesn't as well in the faster high for moving consumer side.

I think we could see perhaps a spinoff of some of those assets, such as xbox or msn, or being -- or bing.

A lot remains to be seen in how they will extend the integration model with being able to move quickly in some of these consumer markets.


I want to bring you into this.

You helped break the news.

I wonder, do you have any notion of why the board like to this guy among all the good candidates they had to choose from?

I think for a lot of the reasons you guys highlighted already.

I would add to that his willingness to understand and work within the world that is microsoft, but also to test some of the erie and to battle back in some cases, show some of that fight.

I think what he was just saying is a fascinating and that will continue to be explored.

I do not know that the takeaway today was that microsoft is getting ready to shed any of the significant assets that it has and if you were to do that, obviously, that's would result in a game-changer.

Even if there is a bit of a difference in terms of his thinking, i think there are still in getting to your question about why get the job.

I think there are areas that are very much aligned with steve ballmer and the plants he put forward when he goes over words like mobile first, cloud first, and shipping this company around to a changed world do how microsoft software is used.

I want to bring in the former senior vice president at microsoft and also satya nadella 's former -- joins us now.

Tell us a little more about nadella and how he developed over the years that you have known him and how far he has come as a leader.

First, i want to say it was a great choice by microsoft to pick satya nadella as a leader.

I met him when he was 33, a young executive.

He showed all the promise you are saying now and he is an exceptional human being.

He has a strong moral compass, a great family.

He is a brilliant technologist.

He is strong in the business field.

He has great emotional capacity for listening, compassion, and empathy with team members and customers, but he is also willing to make the tough decisions.

I think is the complete package and i am excited that microsoft made this choice.

The acquisition is thought of as one of the best, cleanest that microsoft has ever done.

With satya nadella on the other side of that transaction, tell us how he approaches and mende and integration of another company.

-- m&a, and integration of another company.

It dug, that is for you.

If you can hear me.

We may have lost his connection or he is just ignoring you.

That happens a lot.

Microsoft has bought a lot, including nokia which people thought was a big mistake.

It skype.

How is satya nadella going to approach acquisition?

I think what he is alluding to is a great architect in getting things to work together in a very multi-disciplinary way.

I think of him as the chef who can figure out how to make a right dinner with everything that is in your fridge.

But he is not necessarily the guy who is going to come up with molecular to astronomy.

He can identify opportunities to get factions to work together.

I think that is a great skill to have with the new ceo.

We got you back, and.

I want to ask you.

Up to be -- what is his approach to m&a and integration?

I think he has a lot of experience on the side.

Everything he did in the world when he was leading bing as part of microsoft business solutions, he has seen and understood what a good acquisition looks like and what a bad one can look like.

The importance and the software acquisition of retaining talent.

He gets that to the core.

That is one of the tools he will have in the playbook going forward.

As a leader, what do you think the biggest challenge is going to be?

I think he came right out of the box today.

He said what he thought was the most important thing.

He feels the company needs to be more responsive and accelerate its ability to innovate.

It has to keep delivering in a forward-looking way.

The company has some of the greatest traditions in the world the people to not buy tradition.

It they buy innovation.

He is setting the tone with an -- a call to everyone in the company to tap into that passion.

The passion that you have to your work can make a difference in people's lives.

Microsoft has had an impact on the global economy as any company that has ever been invented.

It is a tremendous -- i know he is humbled by the opportunity to lead, but i think he understands that connection to passion.

All right.

Former vice president at

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