How Many People Are on the Federal Payroll?

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Real Deal," Michael McKee reports on the shrinking U.S. government work force. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

We do not want them there.

Michael mckee has the real deal on washington's impact on the workforce.

It does not seem like such a big deal, 14% of the federal government for load during the shutdown, but that is really nothing.

It is the fewest since lyndon johnson was in the white house.

That is not as impressive as it sounds.

Most of the decline in federal payroll is a big drop in the number of people working for the postal service.

Take them out, and the workforce is only back to its size of 2009. it is less impressive when you consider the number of people getting some sort of paycheck from uncle sam.

Yunnan have to be officially on the payroll.

Let's start with a 2.7 million people that are getting that check, and then the more than one million soldiers, salmon and and on -- salmon -- sailmaen and airmen on duty.

What about employees of federal contractors -- that is another 7.5 million people.

Finally, just under one million farms receive federal payments.

Count each one as one person, grand total, 37.8 million people make all or part of their income from the federal government.

If you add up all of those working or available for work, that is almost one quarter of the economy.

So we are, in fact, dependent on the government.

What about when you add in local government?

It is a little tricky.

Just adding those on the payrolls of state and localities, you have 36%, more than one-third of america's workforce drawing income from the government.

If you want to shut down the government, you will need to do more than what they did in washington.

Republicans would say that is why we need to cut spending.

You just made the case.

I will leave the debate to the politicians.

Thank you, michael mckee.

We have a great program.

We will talk about the spinoff from dupont.

We will be asking the ceo ellen kullman who is "in the loop.

Help --"in the loop." elon musk says he is ready to

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