How Many iPods Has Apple Sold in the Past Year?

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Today's "BWest Byte" is 28,225,000, for the number of iPods sold by Apple in the last 12 months. Cory Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Now it is time for the bwest byte.

We have the whole country triangulated here.

What do we have today?

Wax i thought we would stay apple-related.

It is 28,000,250 house and.

That is the number of ipods sold by apple in the last 12 months.

The ipod touch will also get an update today.

It is a huge business.

We probably ignore it because the ipad and iphone business dwarfs it.

This is the business that launched the revival of apple and in deed led to the phone and who knows what next.

The ishoe?

That is fascinating.

We always talk about the ipad.

I would like to talk about the ishoe someday.

What do you make of this?

I am curious of how many people have to deal with an update?

How many people have an ipod?

Please, i do not want you getting an ipod touch.

You have your hands full.

I do.

I have weighed too many devices.

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