How Twitter Draws Users to Mobile

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg discusses the metrics on how Twitter is used. He speaks with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For twitter.

But you spoke to -- what, over 1000 people?

We asked them if they used twitter and how they use it.

Everyone had heard of it, but only 38% said that they used it on a regular basis.

Awareness is high, adoption is not?

38 percent is pretty good.

I don't think it's horrible, but it is just relative to the awareness.

Kind of -- what are people using it for?

And where are people not using it?

Those are the questions.

Are these newer users?

Interestingly, most people have joined in the last couple of years if they are using it, not surprising, but it was greater than i would have guessed in terms of the number of users that have joined in the last few years.

Clearly the ipo did a lot to drive a lot of new users to it.

Is that a good sign for user growth?

We were talking about earnings earlier today.

User growth is what they are focused on.

These numbers don't look bad.

Overseas is also a big deal for twitter.

Growth rates are very different over there.

From your perspective, how did you select the people who responded?

What did you know about where they were and how you found them ? these are people who signed up to take surveys for charity.

It is general u.s. consumers, broadly representative of the u.s. population.

We do a lot of work to prove that people take our surveys and we donate the money to charity on their behalf.

It is high quality data.

Talking about advertising, you'd look into whether people actually notice the ads and how intrusive they are.

What did you find?

You have to look at it relative to other advertising.

I think that people generally sort of saw the ads and were not particularly annoyed by the ads.

My guess is that if we look at other online sites, this would look similar or maybe worse than twitter?

I don't think that the ads were an issue or a problem for twitter in these numbers.

As we have discussed, that strategy seems to be in the early stages.

At least that is what they say.

People in the advertising industry tell us there is a long way to go with a lot of potential.

I think that is a figure that out they are figuring out how to use the potential information from users.

The holy grail is not just getting people to look at ads, but using the contextual information and showing them ads that they want to see.

That is an enormous big data challenge and learning challenge for the machines that run twitter.

Figuring out who people are, giving them relevant advertisements without getting people involved in that kind of media placement.

What about how people access twitter?

You have seen the growth of smartphones clearly driving it.

51 percent were on smart phones.

Another 10% were on tablets.

60% mobile is not surprising.

That is good, comparative, or better than most?

For consumer applications that is going to be the norm.

Twitter is maybe a little bit ahead in the way that people consume it.

In its infancy twitter was a mobile medium.

You are a user yourself.


We were talking about it today.

The challenge -- this is not my personal thing, but it is hard to explain to people how the utility works until they get used to it.

And then people find a lot of value in it.

My mom would know much more about what i was doing if you follow me on twitter, but she is a facebook user and gets confused with twitter.

That is the problem for twitter, right?

The on ramping up people.

I have spoken to people who have no use for twitter because they don't think of themselves as evil who want to tell the world stuff erie it i have the same reaction when i was compelled to start tweeting when i started this job erie it i felt that this is the medium that i present the information i gather . but now i love to send out tweets.

Not -- a lot of people have that experience, the way they like it.

I also see again is my

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