How LiveU Ushered In Modern News Gathering

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Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Avi Cohen, co-founder and chief operating officer at LiveU, discusses the company's portable high-quality broadcasting equipment with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Major event such as the olympics and super bowl may come to you courtesy of live view technology.

Joining me now is the chief operating officer avi cohen.

You started the company in 2006 and made a live invention having to do with bonded transition.

Having infected -- invented the backpack that allows us to stream high-quality video to the studio.

Instead of a bulky truck, we shrink it into a small backpack for rate of big broadcasters like you and nbc will use this for high-quality video.

I think today about 95% of broadcasters are using this product to stream video from the field and 50% of breaking news from the field is done with the product.

We are using a liveu backpack.

I wonderful colleague heather is filming part of the segment using your technology.

Your technology bonds with the video camera.

You can use any video camera in the marketplace?

Any video camera.

In the backpack, we get multiple cards into one broadband line.

The broadcast can shoot more content for lower prices.

Five pounds?

The backpack that heather is wearing about five pounds.

What other systems do you have?

We have the clout systems where we manage all the backpacks, smartphones, and we can shoot one video from an affiliate to another affiliate.

What with the detail of the technology solution, the idea of a bonded transmission?

We have a few patents on this technology.

We were the first one to be in the market with this.

Today, all broadcasters are using it.

What is the technology?

Is it software?

A combination of software and hardware?

You did not just put this in a sheen and shrink it down.

It is an algorithm that allows you to bond on reliable link and turn it into a reliable broadband pipeline.

You can take the pixels, compress them in a method that is decompressed in a way that allows people to see this live and in constant motion?


We took the combination of modems and when you are watching live events in the news, you cannot recognize if it is a live or one of the backpack.

The world cup was one of the operations.

It was a big success.

We provided about 200 backpacks for 80 broadcasters from 30 countries.

There was about 2600 hours during the world cup.

If you compare that to satellite trucks or other vendors, it was far behind that.

Liveu provided more game-related transmission of the world cup to people around the world.

Heather is using the video equipment here.

How does it actually get to the viewer?

We upload the video from the field in real-time in a couple of systems to the tv station.

And that transmission is over what, a wi-fi network?

What kind of network?

Cellular network.

We are using verizon and sprint to upload these in real-time.

You don't need any additional capacity on the network?


again, we see a trend in the market.

Many stations have abandoned the satellite truck and use this technology like liveu.

What do something like this cost?

It costs about 1500 a month.

Stations can rent it and use it.

It is the fraction of a price of the, bulky satellite truck.

What about the nfl?

Liveu decided to focus on sports.

About three years ago, we opened a sports department.

Since then we have closed a deal with nfl teams.

Half of them are streaming events with liveu.

Team events, locker rooms being streamed with liveu going to the website.

Could we see avi cohen walking around with the backpack taking video?

I did a lot of things in the past.

What prompted you to start the company?

I have a similar background.

I worked in a company that provided technology.

I had a friend who came from the tv industry and he talked about breaking news.

With my background and my

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