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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) –- Health and Wellness Expert Jillian Michaels discusses the keys to helping solve America’s obesity epidemic. She speaks to Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You are about to embark on a speaking tour across the country.

What are you going to tell audiences about reversing the obesity echoed -- epidemic?

Honestly, the show is not actually about building a better body, it is about holding a better life.

When i view our physical health i see it as a platform for us to build our life on top of.

When you are strong physically, you are strong in every facet of your life.

Fitness and health are simply a function and tool to help you feel empowered.

It is about looking at the big picture.

It needs to start early, does it not?

We saw these encouraging numbers amongst the young.

We have a report today that michelle obama is trying to rid schools across america of logos related to junk food.

How important is policy like that were our schools, do you think?


I think it is potentially helpful, certainly less harmful, but if we were talking about real food policy, there would be other changes i would want to see happen first.

I would rather see subsidy dollars going to small, organic farms so that healthy foods are more affordable instead of crops like corn and soy, which go to making heavily processed foods that greatly contribute to obesity.

We could talk food policy all day long, and while i think every little bit helps, there are certainly far greater changes that should be prioritized.

Is the main problem just that we as americans eat unhealthy food and massive qualities -- quantities?

78 million obese adults is a shocking figure.



This is something that means -- needs to be combated on them.


We can look at this regarding food policy and say that cheap food that is unhealthy is affordable, and sure, people can afford healthy food, so there is definitely that argument.

The hope is that healthy food will become more affordable over time.

But the real reality is that at some point we cannot wait for big food or a business to come along and save us.

We have to take personal accountability.

Eating less food does not cost us more money.

Getting outside and walking is free.

The big solution here is a simple one.

We eat less, we move more.

That is accessible and affordable.

The bigger question is -- how come many of us are not doing it?

I do a dress that during my show.

But it is a question he have to ask ourselves.

It is about inspiration and information.

I imagine that inspiration is a big part of it.

I would think that people need to stay inspired to keep weight off.

You have an inspiring story yourself.

Tell us what you went through to lose weight.

For me in my life i do not think it is a secret in my career at this point, people know that i was an overweight kid.

I was 170 pounds at 12 years old.

50 pounds overweight, five foot tall.

On top of that, though, i often tell the people that i work with that anywhere you are at that is law -- rock bottom, i have likely been there.

I have been an unhealthy relationships, in jobs that i hated, overweight.

I am not a genius.

There is nothing unique or special about me.

If i can turn these teams around, so can anyone else.

It is a matter of taking a good, hard look at your life and making a decision that the work associated with the change is worth it.

Does not sound like something i would have a lot of faith in americans doing.

I mean, don't you feel like our role models are obese?

People on television, movies, they are obese.

Is jet -- it is generally accepted to be ok to be massively obese?

What do you think?

When it comes to it being ok?

Look, does it mean that a person has equal value as an individual?

Are they lovable?

Of course they are.

The question is, looking at someone like james get all three need, whose children are now growing up without it had, is that ok?

That is a tragedy for his kids and that would be the argument i would make to someone who is unhealthy.

Why would you want to lose years of quality and quantity with your family?

Talking about television or the big screen, of course the academy awards are coming up around the corner.

You see actors doing all kinds of extreme things in order to get a role or to be right for a role.

Take a quick look at this piece that we put together about the weight loss and gain that it takes to win an academy award.

We are curious to get your thoughts about hollywood and weight issues, right after this.

? those people in hollywood will do all sorts of crazy stuff.

What is your reaction?

Do people go to extreme measures that you think are too extreme?

Or is that just part of working life in los angeles?


I would say that i know for a fact at least some of these actors, if not all -- i cannot say all, because i do not know, do this under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Does that mean that it does not take a toll on their health?

Of course it will.

When you starve your body down to 130 pounds, which i think matthew mcconaghy did at his fight, it will be very difficult on a system.

The hope is that these guys are doing and while they are being medically supervised so that it does less damage, so god for bid , nothing serious happens to them.

With that said, nobody in my position or in the health industry, for that matter, would ever recommend it, but when you are an artist it is very difficult to rationalize that to them.

I would say to the layman that these dramatic fluctuations in weight are dangerous and something that you should have no reason to engage in.

Jillian michaels, take you very much.

Good luck on the tour.

Get them to watch that weight.

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