How Jeff Bezos Built Amazon

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone discusses his book "The Everything Store" with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You left this -- when you wrote this book.

You talk about his elementary school, you track down his biological father, who didn't even know that jeff bezos was jeff bezos.

We will get to that in a moment.

One of the things that struck me is when you brought the idea of this book to jeff bezos he said it was too early to write anything about amazon.

How did you convince him otherwise?

I am not sure i did.

That is his reflective response would any journalist has asked him about doing anything regarding the company.

It is really revealing.

It shows what the ambitions are even though he believes he is only a small part of the way of fulfilling amazon's potential.

I begged for forgiveness.

Ultimately i believe i did get further with amazon than anyone else has in the past and i talk to senior executives, i talked to his family members and friends.

What we have here is one of the incredible stories of these -- of this age.

What is the one thing you learned about that surprised you most?

He is such a jovial presence in interviews and public speeches.

I did not have a great appreciation for how relentless he is inside the company.

It is very much like apple cofounder steve jobs.

He does not tolerate any less than his employees best work.

He is brutal to work for it is probably one of the reasons why there's so successful today.

They have one of the higher turnover rates in technology.

Employers do not get the kind of perks they get at facebook and google.

Is it because he is ruthless?

No, it is because he is a retailer.

Really to walmart, to nordstrom's, to cosco.

All of those companies have different cultures.

When your margins are that low and you're basically in the business of selling items for a little bit more than what you buy them for, you have to run an approval company.

He pulled that from sam walton's autobiography.

Amazon is frugal to the bone because they are trying to pass all of their savings off in the prices to customers.

He has been quite proper get -- quite problem gets -- he invested heavily in amazon web services, all of these devices that are profitable, like the kindle fire tablet.

He is just very frugal because you build a low prices on top of a low cost structure.

That is what they do at walmart and with a try to do it amazon.

He added new business like the kindle.

What did you learn about what he decided -- about what he decided to do with the kindle?

Probably mid-last decade they were watching as apple kind of scooped up the entire music market.

Amazon was very identified with books.

They had to protect that franchise.

They basically went ahead and did an ipod for books.

This has become a huge part of their business.

Almost every technology uses amazon web services in some way, shape, or form.

You have the innovators dilemma, which really informed the kindle.

Same time frame, mid part of last decade.

The company is not making much company.

That making much money.

They found that their own developers were not actually that successful in testing their products inside amazon.

He is starting to think about how you can build a service that allows developers and employees to come and test things.

At the same time he was writing a book called creation by a videogame designer him a which kind of identified this philosophy of creating primitives.

Basically building blocks that you can build services on top of.

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