How Is Washington Not a Business Friendly State?

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Boyd Group International President Michael Boyd discusses union voting at Boeing on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Another state and washington will face a credit ratings downgrade.

That is how big the stakes are.

This is the third time union workers are coming together trying to vote on this thing.

Why is it so hard to get this done?

When you talk about workers, a large percent are getting close to retirement.

They don't want to make any changes.

The younger workers see more jobs for the future.

It is an intrigue union issue.

-- interest-union issue.

The airplane is going to get built.

It is an issue of jobs, basically.

What about washington makes it not business friendly accra we have seen so many companies move their headquarters to the state.

Asked boeing why they move to chicago.

That was a message in terms of taxes and things like that.

This vote is going to be important because if it does not go boeing cost way, they will move to south carolina or one of the other 22 states.

Belling is playing hardball.

The local machinists union is playing hardball.

Ultimately, who wins?

Jobs are jobs.

The union is saying, i think correctly, that there is no guarantee that some of those jobs might not be contracted as -- out to someone else.

We that as it may, this is going to be jobs in washington or somewhere else and that is the rock and a hard place they are in right now.

What do you think is going to be the outcome?

I think it will probably go the way of keeping it in washington, but if it doesn't, the governor is right.

They are going to lose jobs not just because of this, but they are going to lose other jobs in the future.

Washington could be very much behind the curve in its traditional position as a major place to baird -- to build airplanes.

I was in charleston this past weekend.

Absolutely gorgeous city.

My favorite u.s. city outside new york.

Yes, it is.

Recommendations on restaurants aside, i noticed there were a lot of dreamliner's parked on the tarmac.

A lot of maintenance is done in charleston.

What other cities might benefit if in fact the contract is not voted on by the machinists in washington.

You have wichita that may be pushing for additional work from boeing.

You have places like mobile, alabama and mississippi.

Places like columbus, mississippi are becoming aviation centric.

There is a whole slew of places.

But does the infrastructure exist in some of these smaller towns?

Can you legitimately build a wide-body aircraft?

Is there the labor force.


And mississippi, there is a great labor force.

There are in norma's amounts of -- in norma's -- e norman s -- enormous amounts of foreign innovation.

These things can happen.

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