Bankers Full of Angst as Banks Reap Profits

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Max Abelson reports on the health of Wall Street on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

. we are going to talk about about your new story on wall street.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Wall street braced for 25% fixed income fall.

When you talk to matthew moore, christine harper and the others on our team, how grim is it out there?

That is not a headline makers want to see.

On the one hand, michael moore, christine harper, they're constantly talking to bankers as i am who seem full of angst, worried about the future, unhappy about how low recent pay is been.

But on the other, i have to say that banks are still among the most profitable firms in the world and on top of that, in europe, i think it is going to be a lot worse than for the americans.

The article makes clear that the european banks are in worst shape.

I'm interested in what is driving this shyness of banks to create as revenue.

Is it the volcker rule or more candid the fact that in general people don't want to be seen as the financial industry does better?

That is a central theme.

This morning what i wrote about is in wall street's urge liking -- one thing that kept coming up, they're so much anger on wall street about washington that they feel like it would be much more active is only it weren't for the roles hole in the back.

We're going to talk about your great story in a bit.

What is a cool restaurant right now for bankers?

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