Surprised Ukraine Not Impacting Markets: Clarida

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Pimco Global Strategic Advisor Richard Clarida discusses the markets and Ukraine, Russia crisis on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Political economy.

Pimco, head of global strategy.

There is almost a swirl to live this morning.

What is richard clarida focused on what i'm mentioned the word russia, ukraine, crimea?

So far it is remarkable how little turbulence of this has caused and markets but if you told me six months ago that after the olympic we would essentially will be seeing in ukraine, i would've thought this would have been more negative for rich -- risk assets.

Why it hasn't is precisely because russia looks like it has leverage.

We will not with boots on the ground of ukraine.

We are not members of nato.

It would get more series of russia tries to press a general into a confrontation with the nato.

With your great work in colombia, and academics like you, frontline monetary -- monetary economist.

I think the alan krueger at princeton -- you have sidecar interests.

Your sidecar interests of germany.

What will miracle -- angela merkel do given your knowledge?

Obviously, germany is important economically but it tends not to be a main player in the military discussion because of bobby is history.

I would expect her not to be leading the agenda but be part of the effort that probably will be driven out of the u.s. so glad you're here today.

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